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Report: Phil Jackson Says He’s ‘Interested’ In Coaching, But Isn’t Physically Able

The future of the New York Knicks is yet to be decided, and is still very much in the air. Such is the situation with new team president Phil Jackson, surrounding whether or not he will give coaching one last go.

And it seems Jackson’s decision may come down to his health, rather than his desire to coach, according to ESPN New York’s Ian Begley.

“I’m going to be interested in coaching,” Jackson said. “It’s whether I can do it or not. … At this point, I don’t see — unless the Lord heals me in the next week or two — I wouldn’t see myself being physically prepared to take on the grind of coaching a basketball team right now.”

The Knicks finished with a disappointing 37-45 record this season, and are in dire need of a concrete identity and plan for the future. And technically, Jackson could attempt to rectify these issues as team president without coaching the team.

On the health issues front, Jackson reportedly battled and beat prostate cancer back in 2011. And while we have no idea what’s in store for the future, we have to wonder if even Jackson himself knows what he wants to do.

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