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ECF Game 4: Devils Need A Win


After Game 3, I can admit to being a little aggravated with this team. I thought they did a good job putting the pressure on the Rangers but missed a lot of opportunities. Yes, Lundqvist was good and did what a good goalie should but the Devils are a better team offensively than the Rangers yet failed to produce anything in the goal column. I think it showed in the third because NJ came out flat and let the game get away from them.

There isn’t much to say other than finish your opportunities. Yes, I know you aren’t going to finish every one of them but you have to finish some. Get more guys in front of the net. That proved to be the key to success in Game 2 but we got away from it in Game 3.

Changes tonight – Jossefson in and Sykora sits. It seems that has angered a lot of people but Sykora hasn’t really done anything offensively in this series so maybe Jossefson could create a spark much like Larsson did in Game 2 in Philly.

I don’t think we have to change much, just finish and we will get the win. In all honesty, NJ has been the better team 6 out of the 9 periods played. The third periods in Game 1 and 3 proved to be the difference for the Rangers. (Period 2 of game 2 is the other period I would say NY was better in .)

And Finally … Thoughts on the Prust suspension and Tortorella’s reaction…

Prust absolutely deserved one game for his elbow to the head and to suggest the NJ is a dirtier team that NY is downright preposterous. Let’s see, New York Rangers – Total times shorthanded in the 2012 postseason: 58. New Jersey Devils – Total times shorthanded in the 2012 postseason: 56. Pretty even there. New York Rangers, total suspensions handed out in the 2012 postseason: 2 (4 games total). New Jersey Devils, total suspensions handed out in the 2012 postseason: 0. Try again jackass. I get it though, the Devils aren’t giving you any bulletin board material so you are trying you best to get DeBoer and crew to say something in retaliation.