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Game #52: Sabres Win 2-1 in Shootout

I thought the effort made by the Devils last night against the Sabres was a million times better than the effort made the night before against the Senators. Actually, an average performace would have been welcomed last night over what was given to us on Tuesday night.

The Devils got chances last night and kept the pressure on for most of the game. As usual, I thought that Ryan Miller was excellent for the Sabres and is certainly the reason the Sabres stayed in the game. The Devils played a very clean game only taking one penalty, which I had to disagree with Jamie on, he did elbow Miller as he skated through the crease. The Devils penalty kill on that one penalty was fantastic and kept the Sabres scratching their head as their fans really got on their case.

Passing, which was down right awful on Tuesday was much better. Johnny Oduya made a nice heads up pass to a streaking Brian Rolston who found himself behind the Sabres D and took a nice low slapper that beat Miller above the pad and below the glove. (There was once a point in time we were complaining about Rolston right?!!)

The Devils defense did a nice job keeping the Sabres from sustaining any kind of pressure. The Sabres would come in the zone and get off a good shot or two, but then the Devils would clean up a loose puck or stop a pass or get a block and go turn the play up the other end of the ice.

The only point in which the Sabres were better was the shootout. Marty did a nice job on stopping Drew Stafford but then couldn’t stop the next two shooters. Parise who I usually have no issues with seems to be stuck using the same move in every shootout. Miller did an excellent move to keep the leg down but part of me thinks he knew what Parise was going to do. Jamie’s attempt wasn’t any better.

I’ll take the point, I always will. I would have prefered 2 but I thought the Devils played much better and that at least is a moral victory. The Leafs come into town tomorrow night which isn’t the hardest matchup on the schedule and at a good time too.

As always. if you missed the game, watch the highlights here…