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Game 8: Morning After Thoughts

The Devils remain perfect on the road this season. In this matchup against the Rangers, the Devils looked much more focused and together. On multiple occassions, the Devils were able to get behind the Rangers defense which created many oppurtunities for them. I think thats a by-product of the aggressive style Tortorella is teaching his defense. I thought Lundqvist did a good job stopping most of those oppurtunities but no one can stop them all. Parise’s first goal, one of the occasions the Devils got in past the D, was a beauty. Bergfors also had a nice goal, which was not the first of his career as it has been mentioned some places, he scored one last year when he was up for a few games. The game winner by Zubrus was a lucky goal and I’ve watched the replay at least 20 times now and I’m still not sure how he got it in the back of the net but luck is a part of this game and no fan will ever turn that away.

Zajac to me is really becoming a star this season. Last season we saw the potential in him but now Lemaire has taken him away from the linemates he was comfortable with and placed him on a new line and he still get points and oppurtunities. Parise, in my opinion, is the best player on this team but Zajac isn’t far off that list.

Overall, it was a great game last night and I was completly wrong about the Devils coming out flat. They had a lot of jump right from the beginning and while they struggled a bit in the second and let NY back in the game, they capitalized on the mistakes the Rangers made in the third and won the game. Good job by all, they do it again Saturday night in Pittsburgh against the Champs.