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Game 9 Recap: Devils Win Big

The Devils remain perfect on the road by beating the Penguins 4-1 on Saturday night.

Chris Kunitz comes close to beating Marty but the puck walks a straight line across the goal mouth.
Pittsburgh is taking it to the Devils early in the game and the Devils are just having so many issues getting out of their zone.
Fraser gets an ugly looking goal but Fluery wasn’t getting much work so maybe that has something to do with it. That goal was due to the work of Zubrus more than anything else.
Kunitz on the doorstep all period but Marty’s not giving him anything.

Devils wake up a little and start getting some shots on net but still think they were outplayed.

Love that Penguins announcers use the word “trap” in describing the Devils play. Just a little note for them, its 2009, not 1995.
Bergfors gets his second of the season after showing some speed around the back of the net. If he keeps showing me that, I am certainly going to be a fan of his.
Devils not getting outplayed anymore and starting to really take control.

NJ’s stars are showing up for this game. Zajac hustles to the puck and makes it 3-0 and continues to get points no matter who his linemates are.
Just when the Devils announcers are starting to talk a little about the Shootout record, the Penguins make sure its not going to happen tonight in their building.
Chris Kunits, its not your night, just go sit down!!
Martin gets injured after blocking a shot from Guerin, we’ll see what that becomes.
Parise seals it with a beatuy of a move in front.

Save of the night:



Devils win 4-1!! Marty owns the Igloo, he’s going to hate to see it go.

Martin is injured, rumor is a broken arm, lets hope not. Pandolfo also injured on a hit from ex-teammate Michael Rupp. Both will see doctors on Monday.

Next game at home vs Buffalo on Wednesday night.