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Monday Morning Quick Thoughts

I thought the Devils didn’t play well at all on Friday night against the Leafs but somehow put it all together in the last 3 minutes and sent the Leafs home without a point. I thought the Devils did a much better job on Saturday night and give a lot of credit to Lundqvist as he kept the Devils off the scoreboard for most of the game. A few bad minutes in the second cost NJ but these things happen.

I think the Devils need to learn how to play with Kovalchuk, not play for him. I found myself watching these games and thinking that the Devils were trying to hard to get him the puck. I know the guy is extremely talented and you want him to have the puck but these long, homerun type passes aren’t the way to get it to him. It comes down to getting time to practice with Kovalchuk, finding his linemates and learning about each other. Even this weekend you could see how the guy moved and how he has tremendous vision of the ice. Once he learns his teammates and gets more comfortable with his new team, this guy is going to be lethal.

This is the final week before the Olympics and boy its a doozy. Preview of tonight coming up later…