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Murphy, McAmmond and Other Things

As I had feared last Friday, the Devils didn’t do a very good job agasint the Thrashers. We will never be sure if the Devils were looking ahead to their game the next night with the Hurricanes or if they lost fair and square to Atlanta. One thing is for sure, the Thrashers outplayed the Devils for 40+ minutes. However, Saturday was a different story and the Devils, as a team, got the win. It really was a complete team effort and if they play like they did on Saturday night, win or lose, a fan can’t be upset with that kind of performance.

The “Too Many Men” penalty is getting rediculous though. The Devils have been called 4 times in the last 5 games for having too many men jump on the ice. It’s one of the worst penalties to take because it’s just a complete lack of concentration. It’s simple, jump on when you man jumps off, or is ready to do so. Devils worked on it in practice this week and I pity the next guy that does it.

In other news, Cory Murphy was placed on Waivers yesterday and cleared waivers today and has been assigned to Lowell. He’s actually not the guy I wanted to see go, that honor belongs to Andrew Peters. He plain SUCKS. He can’t score, can’t pass, takes dumb penalties and can’t even win a fight. Why is he here? The Lowell Devils signed left wing Dean McAmmond to an AHL contract today. McAmmond has 178 goals and 253 assists in 934 career NHL games but I doubt we will be seeing him in the NHL.

I really hate these gaps in between games as the next game isn’t until Thursday at MSG.