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Top 5 Devils Goals from 2000-2009

Since its the last day of 2009, I thought I would present my Top 5 Devils Goals over the last decade. These are the ones that I feel are worthy.

#5 – Brian Gionta sets new Devils record for goals in a season. (you have to fast forward to the 1:37 mark of the video to see it).

#4 – The first Devils goal scored in the new Prudential Arena. (Kind of a weak goal but it is the first Devils goal scored in this building!)

#3 – Zach Parise’s First NHL Goal – The first of many from this kid. He’s electrifying and certainly a superstar of this team.

#2 – Jeff Friesen sends the Devils to the 2003 Stanley Cup Finals. (The thing about this goal is a Friesen penatly allowed Ottawa to tie this game and Burns told Friesen that he owed him big and he delivered with 2:14 to go in the game.)


#1 – The one and only Jason Arnott, in double OT to bring home the Devils second Stanley Cup


Honorable Mentions

#1 – Elias Sends NJ to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2000 – link

#2 – Jeff Friesen scores his second of the night to give the Devils a 3-0 lead in Game 7 of the 2003 Cup Finals (I just love Friesen’s reaction after if goes in!!) – link

#3 – Elias to Sykora from behind the net against the Stars in Game 1 of the 2000 Cup Finals – link