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Free Agents

Ok, long post but it lists each category of free agent and where they ended the season (Coyotes or Rampage). I have included a brief statement after each category with my thoughts. What do you guys think? Who will we resign, trade, let go? I have went with the Free Agent post over the draft post because I haven’t had a chance to look at the draft much this off-season. I was a little too busy trying to help save my Coyotes to pay attention to the 2009 Draft Class. I am going to try to look at the Draftees sometime this week but for now, enjoy the free agent post. 🙂


Ken Klee – D
Brian McGrattan – RW
Dmitri Kalinin – D

Out of the UFAs I think we need to keep Klee for sure, unless we can sign a better dman. It wouldn’t be bad to keep Kalinin around, just in case. I think we all know McGrattan won’t be back. I think he played a total of 5 games all season (I know he was in rehab but he spent plenty of time as a healthy scratch). He’s not a good skater. His most positive attribute are his fighting skills (I wouldn’t mind keeping him around for just that but it doesn’t look like that is the direction in which the Coyotes are headed).

Scottie Upshall – RW
Keith Yandle – D
Enver Lisin – RW (offered deal to play in Russia)
Petr Prucha – RW (resigned)
Nigel Dawes – LW
Joakim Lindstrom – LW
Daniel Winnik – LW

I hate to say this (and it pains me to) but I think we need to get Upshall signed asap. Yandle will also be a must sign. The rest I think are iffy. What will Lisin do? Will he take the Coyotes offer or go back to Russia? The kid has got speed and talent but sometimes it just doesn’t seem like he’s 100% in it but when he is, man is he great. He could develop into a great player but will Gretzky be able to get him there? I think at least one of Dawes, Lindstrom and Winnik will be signed. I would guess it would be Dawes. Winnik struggled much of the season and was a healthy scratch many times. Lindstrom was great at first, came in with a bang and earned the nickname Lucky Lindy but he fizzled a bit and after the trade deadline was no longer one of Wayne’s favorites. I could see GMDM trying to trade Lindstrom and/or Winnik at the draft (if not before).


Steven Goertzen – RW
Derek Nesbitt – RW
Garth Murray – C
Wyatt Smith – C
Jeff Hogan – LW
Ryan Lannon – D

I don’t know much about everyone in this group but I do personally like Steven Goertzen, Garth Murray, Jeff Hogan and Ryan Lannon. I would like to see all of them signed. They may not be NHLers but they are good enough to be called up in case of emergency/injury. I can honestly say I know nothing of Derek Nesbitt or Wyatt Smith. I really can’t comment on either of those.

Alex Bourett – RW
Stefan Meyer – LW (aquired from FL)
David Spina – LW
Josh Tordjman – G

I think Alex Bourett will be gone. I don’t think he panned out like the organization hoped. I hope we are able to get this Meyer signed (I did not realize he was an RFA when we got him). I don’t know much about him but it seems he has some potential. I would love to see Dave Spina resigned. I think he is great for this organization. Plus he is a really good little player. He works hard every time he’s on the ice. He was injured for awhile and between him and Tordjman, brought the Rampage back from the 0-17 record they had for awhile. Tordjman should be also be resigned. With Montoya, Tordjman and G we will have goaltending covered at the NHL and AHL level. I think Al will be with the Coyotes and Tordjman and G can fight it out in the AHL. The only reason I can see him not being resigned is if we get another goalie at the NHL level, as that will most likely push Al back down and G needs his time in the AHL to improve.