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Colts GM Chris Ballard: “The Rivalry Is Back On”

At the same time, the Indianapolis Colts were said to announce Josh McDaniels as there next Head Coach there GM Chris Ballard would come up to the podium and talk about how McDaniels had backed out. In a shocking turn of events last night McDaniels backed out of a head Coaching job to stay with the Patriots as there Offensive Coordinator.

The nearly thirty-minute press conference came to an end with Ballard walking off the stage saying “The Rivalry is back on!”

Ballard started off the conference by saying “We had an agreement in place, we were disappointed and surprised” by Josh McDaniels decision. “We were very confident we were going in the right direction. Very confident Monday night and Tuesday morning.”

Ballard would go onto to talking about commitment saying “I want somebody that’s 100 percent committed” to working with him for the Colts. “It’s Black and White,” Ballard said, “You are with the team or you are no”.

“[This is] Just know this, obstacles happen. That’s what makes this league great. That’s what makes football great. It doesn’t always work out the way we planned it but it’s the gritty people who overcome these things that are successful.”

As for the assistant coaches selected by McDaniels, they will still have a job as Ballard said he would not fire any of them, “We will not abandon them. They’re good coaches, good people and good developers of men.”

The rivalry might be back on but the Colts have not beaten the Patriots since November of 2009. But they will have their chance come the 2018 season as they are set to Play the Patriots at Gillette Stadium, date and time TBD.

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