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C’s Quick To Sign Monroe On 1 Year $5 Million Dollar Deal

To bolster some needed two way play, Boston took the opportunity to offer unrestricted free agent Greg Monroe, after agreeing to a buyout with the Phoenix Suns, a 1 year deal. Fortunately, Monroe chose the front running C’s and will officially be signed this Saturday once the waivers clear and he officially goes on the free agent market.

Monroe, who’s career statistics are almost a double double, has had a productive 8 years in the Association so far, and better yet he’s only 27 years old. The 6’11 265 pound center is a big body to move under the hoop, constantly being a solid player on both ends of the floor. Coach Brad Stevens will certainly enjoy using the former Georgetown alum to his advatage, pairing him up with C Al Horford to create a big tandem. Current big guys Aron Baynes and forward Daniel Theis could potentially see some sort of reduction with the presence of Monroe.

Welcome to Boston Greg!

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