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David Backes To Undergo Surgy That Will Remove Part Of Colon

David Backes is going to miss some time as the Bruins announced today (November 1st) that David Backes will undergo a surgery that will remove part of his colon.  Backes is expected to miss 8 weeks.

Bruins team internist Dr. David Finn said in a statement “”David Backes will undergo surgery on Thursday, November 2 to remove a portion of his colon. The expected recovery time is approximately 8 weeks. The decision to have surgery was made in consultation with team physicians as well as outside specialists in the management of diverticulitis.”

Backes has had a tough go with diverticulitis as it has been a problem with him all season. It was also said in the statement that he has had two episodes in the two months.

The Bruins medical team was trying to delay the surgery until after the season but with the recent episode that would not be possible, he would have a major impact on his health should he have waited.

If all goes well we can expect to see Backes back on the ice right after Christmas.

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