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Joker Patriots fan Post Fake Craigslist Ad Selling 328 Fog Machines

By now we have all seen the for conspiracy theories that were surrounding last nights New England Patriots game vs the Atlanta Falcons.

After the game Falcons Wide Receiver Julio Jones said “It didn’t affect me, it’s crazy, though. They score and they shoot fireworks off and then it sits up and sits high kind of in the stadium. So it’s kind of hard, if you do get behind, how can you throw deep balls and things like that because it’s foggy?”

After multiple other players said the fog was not really a factor a Patriots fan took the chance to get a free shot on the Falcons as he posted 328 fog machines for sale in the Foxboro area.

“I have 328 fog machines available for sale, used only once, don’t need anymore,” the seller said. “Tested each and every one of them, they all did their job. You’re gonna want to keep these things away from anything that flies. No vultures, Falcons, Eagles or anything. Bad things happen.”

The seller also made it very clear that he will only accept calls as he does not do “Snapface” or “instachat”.

There is one thing for sure though it was very foggy last night at Gillette Stadium!

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