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10 Oakland Raiders predictions for draft weekend

About a week until the 75th annual NFL Draft. That means that soon all the smoke screens will be in the past and the NFL’s overhyped extravaganza will take place. Every one and their dog will have a grade for the draft long before these players even set foot on an NFL practice field.

Everyone is putting the finishing touches on their final mock draft that they are convinced will make Mel Kiper, Jr look like a fool. Rather than offer up a specific mock draft, Levi is the college football expert around these parts, and he has been mocking the draft for TFDS. If you want to see a detailed prediction for all of the Raiders draft, Bret has that taken care of. Me, I just have ten general predictions.

1. Too many signs are pointing to Bruce Campbell. The talk of him to the Raiders has taken on a life of its own since his freakish combine performance. Al won’t do what everyone is expecting him to do. Campbell will NOT be the pick.

Not THAT Bruce Campbell!

2. After three years of going with flashy picks in the first round and having them fail to live up to expectations, the Raiders will go with a nuts and bolts pick in the first round.

3. 2007 the Raiders need a defensive tackle, they pass on Haloti Nagta. 2008 the Raiders need a defensive tackle they pass on Glenn Dorsey. 2009 the Raiders need a defensive tackle they pass on BJ Raji. 2010 the Raiders need a defensive tackle, If one of the big two falls Davis will not pass on him.

4. Tim Tebow will not be a Raider.

5. Mel Kiper, jr has the Raiders taking Jimmy Claussen in the first. Not happening. No way. Since 1980 the Raiders have only selected three quarterbacks in the first round. Marc Wilson 1980, Todd Marnoivich 1993, and JaMarcus Russell 2007. Look for the the Raiders to take a quarterback in the first in 2022.

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6. The 33rd pick will change hands.

7. The Raiders will pull off a trade nobody saw coming.

8. Raider fan reaction is going to be split once the name of the number eight pick is announced. No matter who it is, a third of the fans will have someone else rated higher on their daft board, or he won’t play a position of need.

9. The over/under for the use of the word “greatness” at the press conference discussing the first pick is set at 20. Bet the over.

10, The Raiders won’t add a receiver in any round.

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