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A great disturbance in the force


Well, now, there goes the Oakland Raiders playoff hopes… in November. Sigh, there lies a great disturbance in the Force indeed.

If anyone thought we would not come to see this day, I sense you were farther than delusional (and that's coming from a guy who dresses as a Sith Lord every year). 

It seems to be almost comforting to finally know what kind of team the Raiders truly are. This is not a team of decent zone blockers, good linemen, or even an average defense. Those facts will remain as long as the 2012 season drags itself on. We are simply; that other team.

I will never say we are downright awful. Mainly due to the fact that we almost got over the hump with most of the same players as last year. I will simply state we are still playing below average. Please pass the shot glasses.



More of the same mistakes persist as each week passes. The main issues are injuries to running backs Mike Goodson and Darren McFadden, a broken offensive line, and receivers who cannot catch the ball consistently.

Carson Palmer did not have the 300 plus yards kind of game he usually does. Without those kind of yards and a horrible 3rd down percentage (3/12: 25%) the team doesn't even get close to being competitive. 

If the line improves somehow next year and the pressure is taken off the passing game with a better running game, we will be a force to reckoned with.

The drops will stop as long as we have the confidence. Right now there is hardly any confidence found on this team despite what others may tell you.

Marcel Reece, may the Force continue to be strong with you. 


The biggest play made was by Joselio Hanson and Tyvon Branch in the 4th Quarter. Hanson made a hell of a play keeping the ball in play as Branch returned the rock for a TD. If the Oakland Raiders returned that fumble in for a Touchdown WITHOUT that "inadvertent whistle" it's a 10-point game with 7 minutes plus to play!

I can see why Tommy Kelly and his crew went "thug life" on the Bengals afterwards.

For you to tell me it's not a close game in THAT kind of situation is ludicrous, Nation! If this game is still about momentum, that was a HUGE play!!

Miles Burris also put in another good game with 7 tackles and 6 assists. I've said it before, I'll say it again; this guy's a keeper.

I'm sure Hue Jackson was on the sidelines looking at all of this and wondered what could have been. If Mark Davis had a time machine, I'm sure he would’ve kept Hue and his squad instead of what we have now.

I will also always wonder what kind of future we would’ve had if a different decision was made. I'm sure Mark Davis thinks about it too. That's probably the only reason for "the apology" last week. Oh well, It's better to move forwards than backwards. Don't ponder too long, kids. You might hurt your brain as I did. "Noooooo!"

Notes from NFL Game Summary:

Andy Dalton threw three touchdown passes against the Oakland Raiders' dreadful defense, and the Cincinnati Bengals showed their former franchise quarterback that they've moved on without him in a 34-10 win Sunday.

Palmer hadn't been back to Cincinnati since the Bengals traded him in the middle of last season, finally satisfying his demand for a trade. He went 19 of 34 for 146 yards with four sacks and an interception.

He was booed by the 56,503 fans — the smallest crowd of the season at Paul Brown Stadium — when he went out for the coin toss.

"You obviously hear it," Palmer said of the boos. "You can't block things like that out. But I prepared myself for that."

The NFL's most generous defense allowed the Bengals to take control 24-0 in a dominant first half. Green-Ellis found a big hole on Cincinnati's third play of the game and ran a career-best 48 yards before getting shoved out at the 1. Green-Ellis then carried the final yard.

On Cincinnati's next series, the Raiders gave up a 44-yard reception by A.J. Green and a 27-yard reception by Jermaine Gresham. Mohamed Sanu made a one-hand touchdown catch for a 14-0 lead. The Bengals had 156 yards after only two series.

The half ended with one more Raiders mistake. Marcel Reece had Palmer's pass go off his hands, and Chris Crocker intercepted with 8 seconds left. Mike Nugent's 55-yard field goal tied the club record and put the Bengals up 24-0. Dalton's 5-yard touchdown pass to Sanu made it 21-0 midway through the second quarter. At that point, the Raiders' offense hadn't yet crossed midfield.

Oakland allowed 289 yards in the half — the most this season – and had only 83 yards, its fewest on offense since it managed 52 yards in the first half at Pittsburgh on Nov. 21, 2010.

Sebastian Janikowski's 55-yard field goal ended the shutout in the third quarter, and Palmer beat a blitz by lofting a 20-yard touchdown pass to Denarius Moore.

The Bengals got a break in the fourth quarter when an inadvertent whistle wiped out Sanu's fumble deep in Cincinnati territory with 7:22 to go. On the next play, the brawl broke out that resulted in the ejections.

Oakland (3-8) has lost a season-high four straight games, giving up 169 points in the process.

To read the entire game Summary, click here

So it's a 2 for 1 offer in Oaktown next week against the mighty, identical record 3-8 Cleveland Browns. There will be excitement. There will be action. There will be… misery and drinks! Yay!

Hey, at least I'm still here. I just read that the New York Jets "Fireman Ed" mascot recently quit the Season.

I say never Quit! At least we can now see younger talent get brought in as an experiment. Terrelle Pryor, this means you.

Go Raiders 4 life!

-Darth Raider