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A look ahead at the final roster

The Raiders first minicamp, for rookies only, starts tomorrow.  This got me wondering how many positions look likely taken by veterans and how many would be based upon competition in training camp.

The lists below were generated based on salary, previous production, my own opinions of play and, sometimes, just a gut feeling.  They are in no way scientific.

I only included 3rd and 4th round draft picks in the extremely likely because it’s no lock that all of the 6 draft picks will make the roster, but it is extremely likely that the 3rd and 4th round selections will.

Also, it’s almost certainly a given that some of the players on this list will get injured in camp which will open up some positions, potentially.  There are always surprise cuts each year, as well.

Take a look and let me know what you think – either in the comments or on Twitter

Here is a look at the team’s current roster for reference:

Will be on the roster:

Barksdale, Joseph
Bergstrom, Tony
Brisiel, Mike
Veldheer, Jared
Wisniewski, Stefen

Palmer, Carson
Pryor, Terrelle

McFadden, Darren
Jones, Taiwan
Reece, Marcel

Criner, Juron
Ford, Jacoby
Heyward-Bey, Darrius
Moore, Denarius

Ausberry, David
Myers, Brandon

Bryant, Desmond
Houston, Lamarr
Kelly, Tommy
Seymour, Richard
Shaughnessy, Matt
Tollefson, Dave

Burris, Miles
Curry, Aaron
McClain, Rolando
Wheeler, Philip

Bartell, Ron
Branch, Tyvon
Chekwa, Chimdi
Huff, Michael
Spencer, Shawtae
VanDyke, DeMarcus

Condo, Jon
Janikowski, Sebastian
Lechler, Shane

That is 35 players which leaves 18 spots for competition.

In addition, I see another 8 players as highly likely based on the fact that the new administration either signed them, re-signed them, drafted them or traded for them.  Plus there’s Travis Goethel who has looked good in every camp but can’t stay healthy.  LB is a weak position so I think he’s highly likely, still.

Highly Likely:
Carlisle, Cooper
Leinart, Matt
Goodson, Mike
Bilukidi, Christo
Crawford, Jack
Stupar, Nathan
Geothel, Travis
Giordano, Matt

That is another 8 players, which leaves 10 spots remaining for others. 

If I had to guess where the remaining spots would be, give or take 1 player from a spot or two, it would be:

OL: 3
QB: 0, set
RB/FB: 0, set
WR: 1
TE: 1
DL: 1
LB: 2
DB: 1 CB, 1 S

Note that this doesn’t include the practice squad which is where many of the UFDA’s will be shooting to prove their worth.

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