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Asomugha withdraws from Pro Bowl

Man, I swear, you close your eyes for one second and all sorts of stuff starts happening in Oakland Raiders news. Shortly after a poolside interview where Nnamdi Asomugha broke out the Michael Irvin pinstriped haircut, the Oakland Raiders cornerback withdrew from the Pro Bowl, citing that he tweaked the ankle that hampered him for the last half of the 2010 regular season.  Asomugha will be replaced in the Pro Bowl by Denver’s Champ Bailey.

It could have been the last time Raider fans got to see Asomugha in a Raider helmet, but now it turns out that day may have already passed. Nnamdi would not speak of the free agency situation since it is so vague at this point in 2011. He said that he has thought he would be a free agent at other points in his career but it never happened. An educated guess would tell you that Asomugha wants to stay a Raider and he is proud of what this franchise has been able to accomplish over the past couple of seasons.

He may even be proud enough to give owner Al Davis that home team discount that is so rare from professional athletes these days. We’re talking about a contract that would’ve made Mike Irvin proud back in the day, in the neighborhood of $8-10 million per year.

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