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Cable playing QB shuffle close to the vest

There have been various reports this week as to who could start for the Raiders this week against the Broncos. And that is just how Cable or any coach for that matter, prefers it.

Jason Campbell injured his knee in the game last week and it appears to not be too serious but it is hard to say. The way he played in the 49er game, the knee injury could be a great excuse for sitting him this week.

If Campbell can’t go, the start is said to go to third string quarterback Kyle Boller. With Campbell nursing that sprained knee, he and Boller have been splitting reps in practice in case Boller ends up starting.

Gradkowski is said to not be healthy enough yet to return. Although, he was listed as the emergency quarterback last week and he has been doing some light work in practice this week to further along his progress.

It is no coincidence that when the starter goes out for the Raiders, the backup tends to come in and play well. That is because the opposing team is spending all week preparing for one quarterback and the tendencies and play calling that come with that quarterbacks strengths. Then suddenly another quarterback enters the game and they are ilprepared for it.

This switch has happened twice this season with success. Gradkowski replaced Campbell and the Raiders beat the Rams in week 2. Then last week against the Chargers, Campbell replaced Gradkowski and immediately led a successful drive that was the difference in the win.

Last year it happened too. Gradkowski came in a led the Raiders to a win in his first game and later that season JaMarcus Russell replaced Gradkowski and led the Raiders to a win.

The Raiders are hoping they will be able to at least force the Broncos to have to prepare for the possiblity of facing any one of the three quarterbacks on their roster. Spreading their game planning efforts thinner instead of being able to key on one quarterback’s strengths, weaknesses and tendencies, has proven time and time again to work in the Raiders’ favor. Especially considering Campbell, Gradkowski, and Boller are such different quarterbacks.

Hard to say whether the Broncos have an idea of who they think will start or if they are correct in their predictions. But right now, unpredictibility is the Raiders’ best weapon.