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Cable punches Raider assistant…reportedly

A report surfaced today that Raider defensive assistant Randy Hanson was recently punched in the jaw by one of the other coaches.

Randy Hanson is most known for being suspended by Lane Kiffin last season for conduct. And Hanson was later defended by Al Davis when Davis releived Kiffin of his coaching duties after four games last season. Hanson will most likely be a witness in the legal trial defending Al Davis for firing Kiffin for cause. Although this latest incident will be pointed at by the Kiffin Prosecution to discredit Hanson by saying “See, Kiffin wasn’t the only person who wanted to hit this guy.”

Initially we didn’t know which coach it was that hit Hanson. But now it seems, much to our surprise that it was Tom Cable himself that knuckled up. And he nailed Hanson hard enough to send him to a Napa hospital with an injured jaw.

After practice today multiple attempts were made to get a comment from Cable but he repeatedly said, “It’s an internal issue, I’m not going to comment on that.” and PR personell shot down any follow-up questions. Which was the answer (or non-answer) that we all expected from him.

Regardless of what Cable will admit to, Nancy Gay of Aol Fanhouse (and Raider hater infamy) reported that it was indeed Cable that hit Hanson and she says multiple unnamed sources confirm it.

Not that mulitiple sources are needed at this point considering the Raider players were chanting “Cable Bumaye” during team warmups today in practice. That is referencing the famous words “Ali Bumaye” which was chanted during the Ali/Foreman match in Zaire. Just so you know “bumaye” means “Kill ‘em”.

Yeah, pretty sure Cable did it.