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Cardinals gather no Moss, Raiders still hoping to

The Arizona Cardinals announced today that they have hired their new defensive coordinator, Steelers former defensive backs coach Ray Horton. Earlier this week, Packers assistant head coach and linebackers coach Winston Moss visited Arizona to interview for the job and now it is official that he will not be hired.

The Raiders have had their eyes on Moss for a while now and have been holding out on naming a new defensive coordinator in the hopes that he would leave the Super Bowl champions to become their next DC. The odds of that just went up with Moss’ first visit ending without a deal being struck.

Moss played linebacker for the Raiders from 1990-1994 and in the past has expressed interest in returning to the Raiders as a coach. It is my contention that his interest in the Raiders has never been the issue. The issue would most likely be whether he thought staying with the Packers with the title of Assistant Head Coach was a better situation than being the Raiders defensive coordinator.

Moss is in a great situation. Should he decide to go to the Raiders, he would get a promotion from a coordinator standpoint and be part of an organization that is on the upswing. In most instances, teams in need of a whole coaching staff are in a rebuilding phase.

On the other hand, should he decide to remain with the Packers, he gets to stay with a Super Bowl winner with the potential to continue to be great. Then in the not too distant future he could be offered a head coaching position.

Granted he is likely to be offered a head coaching job after serving on Hue Jackson’s staff as well. And that is one of the big decisions he has to make. All in all it is a good problem to have. But at this point, with Arizona out of the mix, either he joins the Raiders or stays with the Packers. We should know soon enough what he decides to do.

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