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Discussion: long term injuries and the NFL

On twitter – @AsherMathews – I have been struggling with both my love of the NFL and football in general and my disgust with the mental and physical long term injuries that are becoming more and more prevalent, it seems.

The questions that I posed were:

If, indeed, FB causes long term mental & physical issues, can we, in good conscience, support it? Is it fair to the plyrs?

If we do continue to support it, are we any better than, say, Romans who gloried over gladiators killing each other?

What would cause you to stop supporting FB as the rules are now? That is, if not changed, you would no longer be a fan.

If concussions do indeed cause long term Mental issues, is it fair to allow young men to risk their life simply for entertainment?

There were many good responses but it is difficult to discuss these issues and fully articulate thoughts in 140 characters.

So, please use this post as a forum to express your views in the comments: