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Ekuban and Stallworth on Raiders visit list

Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune reports that Ebenezer Ekuban and Donte Stallworth are two players that the Raiders are looking to schedule a visit with. This shows that the Raiders are looking at positions of need. Ekuban should come at a reasonable price considering that he is coming off of a major injury. Stallworth would be a solid addition with his speed.

Both of these signings would be high risk as Ekuban is coming off of a major knee, and Stallworth has never reached his full potential. Hopefully, if Al Davis lands either of these two guys he puts the platinum card away and just puts it on his lower limit gold card.

Ekuban would give the Raiders additional depth at defensive end, where it is needed, especially considering the departure of Chris Clemons to the Eagles. If he is healthy, Ekuban would not be as good of a pass rusher as Clemons, but would not be as weak against the run as Clemons. I am concerned that Al may overpay just because Ekuban is a former Bronco, and Al loves to sign players away from division rivals.

Stallworth appearing on the Raiders radar should come as no surprise. Al loves his wide receivers, especially those who are physical specimens. That is Donte Stallworth. Stallworth sank on the Patriots’ depth chart last year behind the receiver who I shall not name and Wes Welker. The Raiders need players at the wide out position, and I definitely could see Al reeling him in.