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Expect Wimbley decision tomorrow

According to NFL reporter Adam Caplan, tomorrow at 4pm Wimbley’s contract calls for a bonus if he is still on the team.

This bonus is seperate than the guaranteed money that Wimbley will get if he’s still on the team after Saturday, March 17th.

If Wimbley’s contract does, in fact, call for a bonus for being on the team tomorrow, expect some action with him earlier in the day.

As there have been absolutely no leaks that the two sides are talking it would be a surprise if he remained a Raider.  Therefore, it’s likely that he will be cut tomorrow.

As a vested veteran, he will not be subject to waivers and will immediately be a free agent.  He will be able to be paid whatever his new contract calls for plus $6.5 million from the Raiders that was guaranteed in the contract he signed last year.

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