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Friday 8/28 Tom Cable Q&A

Tom Cable speaks to the media

Q: Talk about the importance of the third preseason game?

A: That’s the focus, the installation and teaching them to game plan and how we do those kind of things each day leading up to the game. That’s the most important thing. We talked yesterday about what we wanted to get done as a football team. That’s what we talked about at the meeting yesterday.

Q: When you game planned did you look at preseason film, last season or both?

A: Just pretty much who they are now because really a lot of that has to do with what players they have. Of course with them they have a new defensive coordinator with Gregg Williams so some of those kinds of things are more of an issue.

Q: Any time for Bruce and Charlie?

A: It depends. Right now I’ve really not gone there. I want to see Jeff play. We need to see Jeff play.

Q: JaMarcus still possibly into third quarter?

A: Yes.

Q: Is that true for all starters?

A: Maybe. Maybe. Depends on how I feel. Don’t hold me on that because that’s how you tend to do it in the preseason.

Q: Will rookie receivers start again?

A: Yes.

Q: Could you start season with them as starters?

A: Sure. I don’t think that’s an issue to us quite honestly other than the fact that they are rookies. Shoot, they’re doing really, really well, both of them. They just keep getting better as they have progressed all the time. That’s enabled us to do it.

Q: How much can Javon go?

A: I don’t know that. We’ll see. He’s ready to go, wants to go, and we want him to go. We’ll just kind of take that as we go into the game.

Q: What’s deal with Hiram?

A: It started out as an illness and really it will be a game time decision.

Q: You saw Saints last year, what challenge do they present?

A: It’s a new defensive coordinator, a new defensive scheme. There’s really nothing to draw from last year that way. Offensively, obviously their ability to throw the football and they’re trying to be more balanced in run to pass ratio. So it’s good for us because we still have to keep working this run game defensively.

Q: Who is out for the game?

A: That list I gave you, the only ones who will be game time decisions will be Norris and Eugene?

Q: Is Shaugnessy close?

A: Yeah they just told me he had a good rehab workout so we’re making some ground on that.