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Frye to start vs Cleveland in return home

Charlie Frye was seen practicing on Wednesday and according to Tom Cable, he is slated as the starter against the Cleveland Browns this weekend. He was knocked out of last Sunday’s win over the Broncos and replaced by JaMarcus Russell. But despite Russell helping to engineer a last minute game winning drive, Cable made it clear that his first option was Frye, providing he didn’t suffer any residual effects of the hard hit he had taken. There was even talk of Gradkowski possibly getting the start if he was deemed healthy enough to play. But Cable said that Gradkowski is progressing but is extremely doubtful to be ready by Sunday.


So as of right now, barring any unforeseen setbacks, Frye will be starting against the team that drafted him and then cut him after one game two seasons ago. Adding to the intrigue is that lining up under center for the Browns will be the man that replaced him in Cleveland; Derek Anderson. He not only will be facing his former team and his replacement, but he will also be facing his former coach (sort of). Mike Holmgren was the head coach in Seattle when he was traded to the Seahawks at the start of the 2008 season

This is a homecoming game in every possible way for Frye. He grew up in Willard Ohio, played college ball at University of Akron (as in Akron OHIO) and was drafted by the Cleveland Browns. This will also be Charlie Frye’s first trip back to the state of Ohio as the starter for the opposing team. Bruce Gradkowski was in a similar position when the Raiders headed into Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. Except in Gradkowski’s case, he didn’t go to college in Pennsylvania and he wasn’t drafted by the Steelers. He only grew up in Pittsburgh and it was his third trip there as a starter for another team. But it still meant a great deal to him to play his best in front of his friends and family.

Ok Charlie, now it’s your turn to show your friends, family, former teammates, and former head coach that you can do the same. The stage is set. Put on “Eye of the Tiger” and make it happen.

This should be a good one.