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Garcia slams Russell

No sooner had the reports come in that Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell was at the facility ready in shape and with improved mechanics, his former teammate Jeff Garcia took a shot at his work ethic issues.

In an interview with Xtra sports 1360 in San Diego Jeff Garcia had this to say about Russell:

“As much as I was willing and open to helping the young guy, he’s gotta want to be open and willing to be helped himself, and he’s gotta want to get after it himself, as far as his own goals, his own motivation, you can’t necessarily push those buttons with certain people. And so you know I hope he figures it out, I hope he turns it around, because if he doesn’t soon he may find himself out of this league, just by the way this league operates. They can’t wait around forever for the guy to turn the investment into a positive situation.”

Russell’s struggles are well documented. However, it seems that since Garcia hasn’t found a home elsewhere since being cut by the Raiders, it seems like there may be some sour grapes involved a year later.

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