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Getting to Know Dominique Hamilton

After the draft, the Raiders were active in reaching out to their favorite players that went undrafted and signing them to contracts to bring them into camp and show what they can do.  One of the most exciting prospects is Dominique Hamilton, a run stuffing DT from Missouri.  Listed at 6’5″ and 305 lbs, Hamilton has the potential to be a force in the middle of the line.

His 2011 stats included 56 total tackles, 7 of which were tackles for a loss, and 3 sacks.


Q: What is your home town/state?

Hamilton: I’m from all over the place because I grew up as a military brat. I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but I’ve been to Germany, Atlanta, Texas, and Missouri.  We currently live in New York, but right now I’m in Colorado though. I like to travel so it’s no biggie for me.

Q: Did you root for a particular NFL team growing up? Who? Why?

Hamilton: I actually didn’t root for a team – I rooted for players.  I had a lot of players that I liked such as Michael Vick, who was my favorite. At my position, I like Jay Ratliff.

Q: Did you have an idol growing up? Who?

Hamilton: My idol was my mom because she was all I knew. Single mom, growing up, and I’d go with my real dad on the weekends, but I was a Mommas boy. There’s not really a person on earth that could have me fascinated to see them.

Q: What are your strengths as a player?  What do you bring to the team?

Hamilton: My strengths as a player are that I’m very competitive and if given opportunity to excel I will excel! Football isn’t just a job to me – I enjoy it, too. That’s why I’ll be around it for years to come. I feel like I’m a great run stopper, and a decent pass rusher. I play the run really well; it comes natural.  Anything comes through the middle on either side I want a piece of it.

Q: Why did you choose the Raiders as a free agent?

Hamilton: A bunch of teams were calling but I definitely wasn’t going to a team that said with their own mouths that they would draft me [and didn’t]. I chose the Raiders because I actually used to like the Raiders back in the day and it has an ideal fit for me to get on the field and a good opportunity to make the 53 man roster….Nothing Less. I also knew how the Raiders Run Defense was last season – not so great – and I’m ready for the challenge. Coach Williams kept it Real with me, also, so I like that quality in a person.

Q: Do you know anyone currently on the squad or coaching staff?  What did they tell you about the team?

Hamilton: I know the Defensive Line Coach Williams – he was over at Texas A&M for a while and has seen me play for some time now. We first linked up at the combine where we had good conversation. He then hit me up before, during, and after the draft. We were talking about real and solid goals to accomplish. I felt Raiders would be my new home.

Q: Did you have any visits with the Raiders – in Alameda, at a pro day, at the Combine or Senior Bowl? What was it like?

Hamilton: I talked to coach Williams at the Combine, we connected really well, and they also came to my pro day.

Q: What hobbies do you have away from football?

Hamilton: Xbox 360, hanging out and enjoying life. You’ll never see me in the club throwing dollar bills. Tweet me @underrated_dom I’ll answer all fan questions.

Q: If you’re a gamer, what system and (if you don’t mind) what is your ID, so Raider Nation can play against you?

Hamilton: I am a big Gamer: Xbox360, Domizone90

Q: Which NFL player do you compare your skill set with?

Hamilton: I try to emulate Jay Ratliff. I think going to the Raiders and learning from the likes of Richard Seymour should be a great experience.

Q: Is there anything you’d like Raider Nation to know about you?

Hamilton: Yeah, the Raiders just got a 3rd-4th round draft pick as a free agent.  I’m hungry and ready to eat.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to say to Raider Nation?

Hamilton: I’m proud to be a Raider – let’s take the Raiders to the top.