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Getting to know Marquette King

Today, TFDS’ featured interview is with newly signed Raiders punter Marquette King.  King is from Fort Valley State University, a historically black Division II college located in Fort Valley GA.  King is listed as 6’1, 192 lbs. 
He has long been regarded as one of the best punters in Division II and has drawn comparisons to current Raiders punter Shane Lechler for his ability to boom accurate punts that were both high and long, obviously a very desirable trait.

King has been able to punt 75 yards down the field with the ball in the air and also has recorded 5.6 second hang times, both very impressive numbers.

You can follow him on Twitter @MarquetteKing

Q: What is your home town/state?

King: My Hometown is Macon, Ga

Q: Did you root for a particular NFL team growing up? Who? Why?

King: Not really, I just had favorite players that I would hope do well in games.

Q: Did you have an idol growing up? Who?

King: No, Never had an idol growing up. Just kept faith in God.

Q: What are your strengths as a player? What do you bring to the team?

King: My strengths as a player would be my leg strength, and my athleticism. I think being able
to adjust to what ever changes the team needs to have them in the best position possible would be what I can bring.

Q: Why did you choose the Raiders as a free agent?

King: I think having the opportunity to work with one of the best Special Teams coaches and one of the best punters in the NFL would help me to gain more knowledge about the punting position coming from a D2 college which will help me become more successful and
help the team to become successful as well.

Q: Do you know anyone currently on the squad or coaching staff? What
did they tell you about the team?

King: No.

Q: Did you have any visits with the Raiders – in Alameda, at a pro
day, at the Combine or Senior Bowl? What was it like?

King: No

Q: What hobbies do you have away from football?

King: I love to listen to music and play video games.

Q: If you’re a gamer, what system and (if you don’t mind) what is your
ID so Raider Nation can play against you?

King: Don’t have one yet but be ready for when I do.

Q: Which NFL player do you compare your skill set with?

King: I would say Thomas Morstead because of the leg strength.

Q: Is there anything you’d like Raider Nation to know about you?

King: I’m Down to do what ever it takes to win and I will work very hard at my craft to help the raiders to win. #RaiderNation!!!

Q: Is there anything you’d like to say to Raider Nation?

King: Get your popcorn ready.