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FANS, Vote every day for HOF!

Yes, that’s right, the Hall of Fame voting committee actually wants to know what the fans think about who is enshrined. As we have all been saying for years, there are several Raiders who have been denied their enshrinement into the Hall of Fame that certainly deserve to be there. We have petitioned to no avail and screamed and jumped up and down to less effect.

Finally, the fans will have a say. The votes will not directly decide who gets in but the Hall of Fame committee would like to take the temperature of the fans which means that if there is a public outcry for Ray Guy to get in the Hall (he is top 5 in voting right now) they may just finally put the greatest punter in the history of the NFL where he belongs.

Here is the link to the site where you can vote: www.jcp.com/fans

OR you can go to: http://www.fanschoice.com/Vote.aspx

The first link is the home page of the site and the second link is the vote page.


Some Raiders on the list are:

Ray Guy

Tim Brown

Jim Plunkett

Lester Hayes

Cliff Branch

Steve Wisniewski

Todd Christensen

Rich Gannon

Tom Flores

Criminally, Ken Stabler is not nominated. But with Ray Guy getting some serious love from the fans, he could finally make it and that would be a huge step in the right direction.

You can vote every day so keep visiting the site to make your voice heard. Get in there and make this happen Raider Nation!