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How recent DUI’s could affect the Raiders

Former NFL and Oakland Raider star quarterback Ken Stabler was arrested and charged with reckless driving and driving under the influence of alcohol.
Stabler, now a radio analyst for University of Alabama football, was released from jail on $1,000 bond nearly 13 hours after his arrest, police said Monday.

This is the third such arrest for him in recent years. Stabler pleaded guilty to drunken driving following a 2001 arrest in Orange Beach. Authorities dropped drug and reckless driving charges under a plea deal. In 1995, Stabler pleaded no contest to a DUI charge in nearby Escambia County, Fla.

As many of you know, TFDS has had an ongoing poll as to whom we should rally behind for next years Hall of Fame voting. It has been an extremely tight race between Ken Stabler and Ray Guy. Even the two reporters that Rob has brought in to interview are split in who they would choose. Jerry McDonald of the Contra Costa Times said he would vote for Stabler stating “I’d put Ken Stabler up against any other quarterback in the two-minute drill.” and Jason Jones is for Ray Guy stating: “anyone who was the best at their position – regardless of position – is a Hall of Famer. If a punter can’t go into the Hall of Fame, punters shouldn’t be on NFL rosters.”

I personally think that this latest arrest of Stabler will seriously hurt his chances of getting voted in this year by the Hall of Fame voters. With the race for who we should rally behind so close it seems the logical choice at this point should be Ray Guy. For anyone who doesn’t think that a DUI is that big of a deal, they would feel a whole lot differently if they lost a loved one who was drinking and driving or was killed by a drunk driver. Those who have been through such tragedy take a DUI as seriously as the law does. I still love Ken Stabler as a Raider legend as many of us do and I hope he can get the help he needs to not ever let this happen again. But until he has gone a while without negative press, the committee will have all the justification they need to continue to snub him of the honor.

The other DUI that I speak of is that of Cedric Benson.

No I am NOT suggesting we try and pick him up off the waiver wire. However this does leave the Bears without a true starting running back. The projected starter is Matt Forte this year’s 2nd round pick out of Tulane. After that they have career back-up Adrien Peterson (yes the OTHER Adrien Peterson). SOOOO…..
LaMont Jordan anyone?

Most Raider fans are pretty much resigned to the fact that Jordan will simply be released with no compensation so we can clear out some salary cap space for the impending contract extension for Nnamdi Asomugha. But perhaps a team that is suddenly quite desperate like the Bears would jump at the chance to throw a low round pick the Raiders way for the rights to LaMont’s services? I would not rule out such a transaction. And even if they won’t bite on such a deal I could easily see Jordan wearing a Bears jersey next season anyway. Afterall, the Bears were not looking too good at RB before Benson’s release and now they are no doubt working the phones.

The flip side is that there are guys like Travis Henry and Shawn Alexander that are still out there for the taking. However, LaMont has more good years left than Alexander and a better attitude than Henry so you can bet he is in the mix. This will be interesting to see.