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Hue credits Al Davis for win over Bears

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving and the Raiders have a lot to be thankful for. They are on a three-game winning streak after beating the Bears in Oakland on Sunday. Afterward Hue Jackson led off by thanking the Raiders’ late owner.

“I have so many people to thank but I have to reflect for a moment to Coach Davis,” said Jackson. “One conversation that I had with him obviously before he passed was, um, he said ‘Hue, winning in this league is not easy and it’s not gonna be always pretty,’ he said. ‘As long as they play as hard and they can you’ll have a chance to win.’

“He’s right. I get disappointed when we don’t do things as well as we can and I am learning to enjoy wins as they stack up. You know, we’re a seven and four football team and we earned that victory today. There’s no question about that. But when it was over, that’s the voice I heard in my head. There’s quite a few times I go back and I think of the things Coach has taught me about this league and how to win in this league and like I said it, it’s not easy. I had one of the greatest mentors ever and everything we do and everything we continue to do will be in his vision.

“I’m very proud of this group of men. I’m very proud of this organization. I’m very proud of the coaches and people that I work with each and every day because even when things wasn’t going the way we wanted them to everyone just kept doing what we do. And that’s what this is truly all about. Sometimes it ain’t gonna go your way and that’s ok. But when it does or when it doesn’t, I think these people have been so consistent with our team, with me, with everybody.”

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