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Hue go, Boss: Press conference

The Raiders have signed a new star tight end: Kevin Boss. The Raiders and Hue Jackson held a press conference today to announce his arrival to the team. Here is the entire press conference.

Hue: Obviously I want to take the opportunity to bring to you our newest Raider, Kevin Boss, and I’m so excited to make him part of our organization now. When we set out to find a tight end to add to our football team, I had an opportunity, we brought Kevin in and worked him out, and sitting down and having dinner with him, and us just talking about football and his passion for the game and exactly what he wanted to accomplish in his career, we kind of had a mutual feeling there. And obviously, we had a need at a position there, and watching tape of him, and knowing him a little bit through the league and watching what he’s done in his career, it was just a great fit, and obviously we had to make sure some things were put together the right way so it fit, and we were able to do that. And now this young man is on our team and we’re happy to have him. We’re getting a guy that’s played in a lot of big football games, played in the Super Bowl, a guy that is coming here with the commitment that we all have and we all share which is trying to win a championship. He’s going to be part of the glue that helps us get there. The guy can really catch the football. He’s really athletic. He’s tall, he’s strong and he knows what it takes to play this game. This is not about me, it’s about Kevin so I’m going to turn this over to him and I’m going to step off this podium.

Q: Did you feel a connection between you and Hue, lot of talk about his energy, enthusiasm, did you feel it right away?

A: Yeah, the moment I met coach Jackson, I could just feel his energy and it was just exciting for me. Within moments of meeting him I felt on board with his ideas and, like he was saying, his passion for the game, just his energy, is just exciting to be around and just thrilled to be a part of it now.

Q: Watching Zach Miller situation and thinking this might be a fit?

A: Yeah, we knew it was a possibility. I was surprised that he did go to Seattle, but he had to make that decision that was the best for his family. When this door opened up, being a West Coast guy, I was excited about the opportunity and when they brought me and had the chance and talk with coach Jackson and coach Henry and have dinner with them, I felt like it was a no-brainer and I was really excited.

Q: Was anyone else an option after you left that day?

A: We had kind of narrowed it down to the Giants and Oakland here after I had left. Like I said, when I talked to Coach Henry and  I made my visit, the whole organization just welcomed me in and opened their arms to me. I had a great visit and I was excited to get back here. Now I’m here and ready to get to work.

Q: Was having guys like Big Wiz and Woodson on staff attractive to you?

A: Absolutely. Coach Woodson was one of the first people I met when I arrived here. Being a fan of the game and watching the game growing up and watching guys like Rod Woodson play I was excited to meet him. It was fun to be here. I was in  New York with Coach Waufle and had a great relationship with him. He was actually the first person to call me and talk to me about the opportunity here. I was excited to come and see him again and just be a part of this great organization.

Q: Did you learn a lot these last three years after making it so fast to Super Bowl as rookie?

A: Our team  had a lot of success my first two years there. Winning a Super Bowl my rookie year, I was extremely blessed to be there in that position. Then we started the next year off I think we were 11-1. I kind of thought wow this is what the NFL is like, come here and just win. It was good for me. It gave me a lot of experience. We struggled a little bit the last couple of years not making the playoffs. I’m excited to come here and bring that experience to this team. We have a lot of young, great talent at all positions. It’s going to be fun to come here and  help contribute.

Q: Disappointed Giants weren’t more aggressive to keep you?

A: It’s a business. Unfortunately things didn’t work out for them being able to make the right moves to keep me. It’s a new chapter here. I’m excited about the next chapter here in my life.

Q: How is hip, all healed?

A: Hip is 100 percent. Just had a minor scope back in January after the season. I did a lot of rehab. My whole offseason was kind  of focused around rehabbing my hip and getting ready for the season. I’m 100 percent now.

Q: You’re full go right now?

A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: Have you talked to Eli?

A: No, you know, it’s been so quick. I hopped on a plane and flew out here. I have really had a chance to talk to a whole lot of people back in New York and say my goodbyes yet. As camp goes on I’ll have that opportunity to talk to some people back there and wish them the best and…happy to be here.

Q: This has been such a disruptive offseason. Does it make a move like this less traumatic?

A: It’s certainly been a hectic offseason. I mean even the last two weeks of free agency have been crazy so, you know, just gotta roll with the punches. It’s something that’s been different but it’s made it more exciting kinda. It’s definitely been different but I don’t think we’ll ever see another offseason like that hopefully again.

Q: You played again Jason Campbell, what do you know about him as  a QB?

A: Yeah, just watching him play in Washington and the success that he had. He and Chris Cooley, I was always watching that. I know he likes using his tight end and it’s one of the things that excited me about coming here to play with him.

Q: Have you had a chance to talk to your new teammates before or after you made your decision?

A: Yeah, I talked to some guys out here on my visit. I had a chance to talk to Jason Campbell on my visit and I knew a couple of guys who had been briefly in New York about being out here and they all loved it and it kinda made my decision even easier.

Q: What was your perception of the Raiders before you came here?

A: You know, being a West coast guy I always grew up keeping an eye on them being closer to them, they were always on TV. It’s a great organization, you know, a lot of the Hall of Famer have played here and left their mark here. I’m thrilled to be a part of it now.”How do you see yourself as a weapon in this offense?“I think one of my biggest assets is being a pass catcher so I’m going to do whatever they ask me to do in terms of lining up in different positions. It’s going to be fun, you know, Zach Miller had a lot of success here and I am hoping to continue that success at this position.

Q: Talk about your impact as a blocker, blocking for McFadden, Bush …

A: It’s exciting. Whenever you have two backs like that that you’re blocking for, it makes it exciting. You want to spring that key block that puts them in the end zone. It’s going to be a lot of fun to have those two backs. When I was in New York we had a couple good backs with Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs. It’s going to be fun.

Q: Coming out of high school were you recruited by Pac-10 schools?

A: Not really. I was the same height but I was about 200 pounds. Went to Western Oregon, had the opportunity to play football and basketball there. Had a great time there.

Q: It seems like people that go to that small of a school aren’t supposed to go to the NFL. You hold out hope to people from smaller schools that they can make it to the NFL?

A: Yeah, definitely. Especially this day and age. If you’re out there, you can be found. I’ve kind of proven that coming from Western Oregon. There’s a lot of great Division II players that have made it into the league. A lot of hard work, and if you make a name for yourself at that level, someone’s going to find you and put you in the right position to succeed.

Q: Your rookie season you went to won the Super Bowl. What from that experience can you translate and bring to your teammates with the Raiders?

A: That was a great experience for me. I think it’s definitely going to help me along my career. As a rookie coming in kind of late in the season and replacing Shockey when he got hurt – I prepared the whole season like I was going to be the starter. A lot of the NFL is just situational, being in the right place at the right time and then when you get there making the most of your opportunities. I’m excited to bring that experience here to the Raiders and looking forward to making a push to the playoffs this year.

Q: Did you leave the area after your visit with the Raiders or have you been here the whole time?

A: I went back to New York and then flew back the following day. I’ve been in the airplane a lot. Excited just to be here for the next month and get to work.

Q: Will you be working out today?

A: Yeah. I’ll be out there. I’m looking forward to it.

Q: Will you be wearing No. 89?

A: Not yet. Eighty-seven for now.

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