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JaMarcus Russell mini camp Q&A

Just after practice, Raiders embatteld quarterback, JaMarcus Russell was allowed to stop and answer a few questions with the media…sort of. Raiders defensive assistant, Eddie Anderson was running a little interference to make sure the questions were within predetermined confines. Here is how it went down:

Q: How was it out there for you?
A: Pretty good, pretty good. Got a lot of new guys and keep working on
stuff. As a group as a whole I think we did pretty good. We only turned
the ball over once today. We tried to keep that to a minimum.

Q: Coach or organization talked to you about your role?
A: No. Not as yet. Only thing I’m here to do is compete until we get a

Q: How did you feel out there, how was your offseason workouts?
A: Great. Spent a lot of time here with new coaches, Coach Hue and Coach
Hackett. We spent the whole offseason here conditioning and going over
our new playbook.

Q: What was your workout regiment?
A: Just be here with the guys, weightlifting and conditioning for the
most part.

Q: What message did you take from Campbell trade?
A: Another guy here to compete. We’re on the same team as of now.
Nothing’s changed.

Q: Did coach call you after trade?
A: Not at all.

Eddie Anderson: Excuse me, we’re not going to discuss that. That’s not a
big deal.

Q: How did you take all the stories about whether you’d be here or not?
A: My thing is to keep coming out to work until they tell me not too.
I’m going to keep coming out to compete for the job and work my tail

Q: Does it surprise you?
A: Not at all. It’s a business. I don’t really have anything to do with
that. That’s a higher level than me. I just keep coming to compete every

Q: Different from last year do you feel like you know your role?
A: They haven’t told me a thing. We’re out here to compete together.

Q: Do you feel like you can be the starting quarterback week 1?
Eddie Anderson: Don’t discuss that. We’re not going to discuss that.

Q: You comfortable talking about your offseason workouts and weight?
A: I’m in shape and here to compete. To apply myself to the other guys
and come out to work.

Q: How is your relationship with Campbell?
A: Met him my junior year in high school. He was at Auburn. That was my
first time meeting him. We both played in the SEC. Pretty good. We’re
teammates. We’re not fighting against each other. We’re out here to
compete and get better for the organization.

Q: How do you feel you can work together?
A: He’s got a few years on me so just pick his brain for the most part.
Some of the things he’s seen I haven’t seen yet. Other than that we’re
out here to push each other and get the best out of each other.

Q: What was your reaction when heard about trade?
A: Nothing really. Just another guy to come in to compete for the job.

Q: How did you find out about trade?
A: I got a phone call before it happened.

Q: Did you go over last season in your head and what you needed to
improve on?
A: Everything. Everything is always an option for us to get better,
Better yourself any way, shape, form possible.

Q: How has Coach Jackson helped team?
A: A lot. The things he wants to get done. He emphasized the tempo. Make
sure everybody is up and running fast. You go fast, if you make a
mistake as long as you’re going fast you know what you’re doing.

Q: Will you consider restructuring deal?
Eddie Anderson: We’re not discussing that either.

Q: You haven’t done that?
Eddie Anderson: We’re not going there.
A: No.

Q: Have you made those adjustments necessary from last year to be
starting quarterback?
A: Yes maam. Offseason workouts, Once that keep on going. Every day you
get better. When it comes it will be time to decide that. That’s coach’s

Q: What weight do you want to be at?
Eddie Anderson: Hey J, that’s it. Come on.

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