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Jason Campbell hurt, Kyle Boller may play Sunday

Tom Cable revealed that Jason Campbell suffered a sprained knee during the loss against the San Francisco 49ers. This opens up the possibility that Kyle Boller could lead the offense on Sunday against the Denver Broncos.

The MRI did not reveal any structural damage in Campbell’s knee, but according to Cable he was extremely sore. With Bruce Gradkowski still hurt, this leaves open the possibility that Kyle Boller will get the nod on Sunday.

With Campbell having the worst performance by a Raiders’ starting quarterback since Jay Schroeder in 1992, and Campbell’s approval rating among the fans somewhere near the IRS at a Tea Party meeting, Boller would be welcomed by the Raider Nation.

There is a rumor making the rounds that the Raiders have notified the league that anyone on the team is available for trade before the deadline tomorrow. Every year, this same rumor makes the  rounds during the offseason and very little comes of it. The NFL trade deadline isn’t like the Major League Baseball trade deadline where there is frenetic deal making. In the NFL, the deals are usually minimal.