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Raiders’ Javon Walker ordeal
Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos


Javon Walker, the receiver who managed to catch what has widely been called the “worst contract ever” when he signed with the Oakland Raiders in 2008. He remained with the Raiders for two seasons and was a complete non factor.

He was released by the Raiders on March 8th, approximately two years after he signed an absurdly rich contract to play in Oakland. During this time he pocketed about 16 million dollars for minimum production.

Walker got off on the wrong foot with the Raiders when he was found beaten nearly unconscious on a Las Vegas alley practically before the ink was dry on his contract.He was found near the corner of Koval and Flamingo, and he had a broken orbital bone. This injury was especially concerning at the time as it was similar to the injury that injured Kirby Puckett’s Major League Baseball career.

The whole story of Walker’s really bad night in Vegas stayed in Vegas. What was known was that he was partying at the Body English Club and he was beaten and mugged on his way back to his hotel room. Multiple rumors emerged from that night including a bizarre connection to boxer Floyd Maywether, which turned out to be nothing more than wild innuendo. Regardless, his injuries set back his offseason program.

His Vegas mis-adventure along with other issues were playing on his mind, as well as lingering pain that would later be revealed when he took the walk into Al Davis’s office. He offered to return his entire signing bonus and retire, thus not collecting a cent from the Raiders. However, Al convinced Walker that he could still play the game.

Walker’s time in Oakland was a disaster by any measure. He caught only 15 balls and played in nine games (Active in 11). He had an experimental offseason injury in 2009 in Israel. He claimed that he was pain free for the first time in several years, but he was a healthy scratch for three games and only saw action in one game. There was one pass threw his way, but it was nowhere near him. He also returned one punt which he fumbled.

This was not the results expected when he signed a six year $55 million deal. This deal was renegotiated after the 2008 season, reducing the value but guaranteeing his salaries for 2009 and 2010. This means that he will be paid $4 million by the Raiders for this coming season. The end result was $16 million for eleven games on the active roster.

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