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Mark Davis Hints at More Changes on NFL Network

In an interview on NFL Network, Raiders’ owner Mark Davis hinted there will be further organizational changes past the football related changes that have swept the organization for the past month.

He addressed the fact that Al Davis was known for controlling all aspects of the organization stating, “When he came to the Raiders in 1963, there were maybe six coaches, eight coaches, maybe four front-office people. Scouts like Ron Wolf and those guys. They did it on a shoestring.”

He continued, “”The business part really wasn’t there. It was all football. Just win. Over the years, it just grew and grew and grew, and I think the size of the league and the size of the organization and the different things you had to deal with, media and all those things, kind of dwarfed the capabilities of the organization. Instead of a clean start with the organization, there’s been a lot of plugging holes.”

He concluded, “So at (a) certain point in the near future, after careful evaluation, there will be a more modern structure so to speak.”
He didn’t get into any details and when asked about what type of changes would be coming he answered, “That’s what I’m going to find out.”

He was on the NFL Network talking about accepting the Tank Award, presented by the Fritz Pollard Alliance, which recognizes diversity in all areas of the workplace. Organizational diversity was a strength under the late Al Davis who hired the first black coach in the modern era, Art Shell, the first Hispanic head coach, Tom Flores, and the first female CEO for an NFL team in Amy Trask, who is still in that role under Davis’ son, Mark.

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