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McClain slam most painful in 2010

On Monday’s edition of Sports Nation on ESPN2, they had a list of what they deemed the most painful moments of the 2010 NFL Season. They counted down to number one and the winner was Rolando McClain’s body slam of Danny Amendola in the Raiders week two matchup with the Rams.

If you would like to see the hit again, here it is:


The rest of the top five were as follows:

2. Tight end Dustin Keller of the Jets gets flattened by Ray Lewis as he is trying to catch a slant pass.

3. Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan get into a scuffle and Johnson gets a couple of shots in on him after they had both ripped each others’ helmets off.

4. Wide receiver Anthony Armstrong of the Redskins get rocked by the Vikings’ Chad Greenway immediately following a catch.

5. Punter Jon Ryan of the Seahawks gets slammed by the Bears’ Earl Bennett on a block during a punt return.

The thing about the body slam is even though it looked pretty cool, it wasn’t even McClain’s most painful hit this season — at least in my opinion anyway. And I am sure if you ask Darren Sproles, he would agree with me. McClain’s hit on the miniscule running back in the week 13 drubbing of the Chargers in San Diego knocked Sproles out of the game before halftime with a concussion. In case you missed that hit, here it is:


While Danny Amendola hopped up and walked away from the WWE style body slam, Sproles did not get up. It was a completely legal hit too. See, James Harrison, it CAN be done.

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