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MM: JaMarcus Walter or Andrew Russell Raider quarterbacks of the future gone south

After a year in one of the worst offense in the history of the National Football League, former quarterback of the future Andrew Walter was deemed failure and JaMarcus Russell was drafted first overall to be the new quarterback of the future.

Walter only had half of a year as a starter before he was thrown on to the scrap heap. Russell has had two years, and regressed from his first year to his second year. In 2006, it didn’t matter whether it was Walter or Aaron Brooks at quarterback, that entire offense was summarized by former defensive tackle as “gay porn.” In 2009, the offense immediately picked up when Russell was benched and Bruce Gradkowski took over.

Andrew Walter’s 2006 season was statistically superior to Russell’s 2009 season, and it was that season that led to the drafting of Russell. In 2006 Andrew Walter 147-276 53.3% 3 TD 13 INT and a 55.8 QB rating. In 2009 JaMarcus Russell 120-246 48.8% 1287 3 TD 11 INT and a 50.0 QB rating.

Yet the Raider seem intent on coddling Russell and putting up with his lack of commitment. He has become the poster boy for the rookie salary scale because of his massive contract, as well as his complete lack of success.

When the Raider released Walter prior to the 2009 season, he spent training camp with the New England Patriots, but did not catch on with another team. The big question is whether or not there would be any teams lining up to take a flier on Russell if the Raiders drop him.


Two old stereotypes of the Raiders died today. The Steelers traded former Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes to the New York Jets for a fifth round draft pick. Holmes is facing a four game suspension to open the 2010 season for a violation of the league’s conduct policy.

Everyone remembers the failed Desmond Howard and Larry Brown pickups by the Raiders, and throws around the adage that Al Davis collects Super Bowl MVPs. Here he had a chance to get one on the cheap, and didn’t make a move.

According to the rumor mill, any player with a behavior problem is automatically linked to the Raiders. Combining those two rumours, it would seem like it would be inevitable that Holmes would have ended up a Raider. Instead, he is a Jet.


Comment of the Week: Oakland Raiders still coddling JaMarcus Russell

written by SnBsn69, April 10, 2010
I finally started posting last year when I JaJust couldn’t JaTake it any JaMore. And here we go with the JaLoser JaLovers saying JaGive the JaPoor kid a JaBreak!

JaWhen will the JaReality be JaClear for you JaPeople? JaWill it be JaAfter JaAnother JaLosing JaYear? JAWJATJAF? JaAre you JaJust as JaStupid as JaLoser himslef?

He’s not a Jakid. He’s a JaFour year JaVet. Does he JaLOOK like a 4 year vet? Does he JaAct like one? Does he JaPlay like one? He’s JaJust in it for the JaMoney. He JaJust don’t care about JaYou or JaMe! We are JaJust the JaFans. He JaStinks on the field and off because he is a JaLoser as a JaHuman being not JaJust as a player. The Ja Reason I am putting Ja in front of JaKeywords here should be JaObvious. That’s where the JaProblem is. JaEverything in his JaWorld Jastarts with JAMARCUS.
The only JaBreak this JaLoser needs is a JaBreak in JaService with the JaRaiders!
I don’t care if he’s fat. I care why. Because he is lazy. I don’t care that he can’t run the playbook. I care why. Because he won’t learn it. I don’t care that he doesn’t lead. I care why. Because he doesn’t care. I don’t care about him because he is a failure as a man and I don’t want him associated with real men on the team who do care about being men,; about being leaders; about the team; about more than money; about the fans; about themselves as men and as Raiders.
JaPlease JaStop JaDefending his JaSorry JaAss and JaJust JaLet him JaGo!


Classic movie of the week: Blazing Saddles

Starring: Clevon Little, Gene Wilder, Slim Pickins, Harvey Korman

This classic send up of Westerns is a laugh a moment. Sure, a few of the jokes are a bit dated as the movie is 36 years old, but it is still side splitting. This was Mel Brooks at the height of his comedic genius. Madeline Kahn shines as Lillie Von Stupp.


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