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MM: Return of Oakland Raiders football

My last offseason Monday Mumblings. In fact, this is the end of the offseason.

The Oakland Raiders start trickling into the Napa Valley Marriott in Napa on Tuesday with the rest of them checked in by the mandatory reporting date on Wednesday. The first practice is Thursday, and the oppressive chains of the offseason will be thrown off, and it will be time for football yet again.

On August 12th, the 2010 Raiders will make their public debut when they travel to Dallas to play the Cowboys in the Jones-mahal. As is normal for the preseason opener, the starters will likely only play for a couple of series. However, it won’t matter, because that will be the ceremonial beginning of the Raiders 2010 season. It will also be the first glimpse of the new faces wearing the livery of the Silver and Black.

It is kid of odd that the Raiders have moved the annual Raider Nation Celebration from it’s usual location at the Oakland Coliseum to Frank Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland. My email seeking comment was not returned.


Thanks for sticking with us here at Thoughts from the Dark Side for your Oakland Raiders news and analysis through the offseason. Stay tuned through camp and the season, we are geared up and ready to go.

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Comment of the week: On the article Raiders and the Hall of Fame

Actually going with two:

written by JSpicoli, July 19, 2010
Stabler is probably the most glaring ommission in the entire NFL, not just Raiders. When I mention this fact to other fans, they usually reply “Stabler is not ALREADY in the HOF?”

written by DARK KUSH, July 19, 2010
I grew up with Dave Dalby and his family down the street. he is the reason im a raider diehard. for him to be left out of HOF talks is ridiculous. 15 years and didnt miss a game like you said. I’ve held all 3 of those rings that he possessed… that now belong to his son and daughter, Danny and Christen. It is quite unfortunate how he passed, cardiac arrest while driving. I went to his memorial service that Al paid for in full, talk about taking care of your players? I met the snake and Al as a child, they had nothing but respect and deep sorrow for what happened to him.