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MM: Rumors dissonant music to ears:Asomugha McNabb Rosenfels Samuel Russell

‘Tis the season for rumors. The Raiders lack of communication with the outside world, as well of reputation for making splashy deals, as well as acquiring the less than savory characters make them a target of a constant barrage of rumors every offseason. This year, Nnamdi Asomugha’s name has been bandied about as a potential bargaining chip, and Donovan McNabb currently seems to be a favored target. Then there is the matter of JaMarcus Russell’s weight.

This is the time of year when we are forced to report on rumors because that is all that is happening. Teams are posturing for the draft, as well as looking to get what they can for the pieces that they aren’t looking to go forward with. Basically, at this time of year, any player not named Peyton Manning or Tom Brady may be run up a flag pole just to see who salutes.


The rumors started early with the annual Oakland Raiders head coach watch. Would Tom Cable be fired? He wasn’t fired. He was going to find out today tomorrow. Nothing was ever said. He came to work and did his job. The Raiders never issued a single statement about his status. Hue Jackson was hired. Things continued to go on in Raider land.

On the player front, the center of the rumor storm has been All Pro cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. First he was rumored to go to the Jets. That scenario seemed to stretch the imagination a bit. But there it was making its way through the netherworld of the Internet, rumors that Nnamdi Asomugha was going to pair with Darrelle Revis on the Jets. The Jets acquired Antonio Cromarte and that rumor mercifully died.

The latest round has Nnamdi going to Philly for quarterback Donovan McNabb and cornerback Asante Samuel. An interesting rumor if it is true. That’s not the only rumor out there. There seems to be the beginnings of rumblings that the Raiders may be interested in Sage Rosenfels from the Minnesota Vikings. Next week, the rumor cold be that Davis has worked out a deal to send JaMarcus Russell to Cleveland for a third round pick. (Not saying that will happen, but if it does you read it here first.)

Rumours is a great CD. Fleetwood Mac at their absolute best. Every song is a classic. However, rumors this time of year are about false flag operations. However, occasionally a rumor will come to pass and a team will pull off a big deal, so the rumors have to be accounted for.


The adventures in JaMarcus Russell and his weight. It seems to be more talked about than the stock market these days, and the reporting seems about as accurate as the unemployment rate.

He is either

A) Slimmed down from last year
B) 271 According to Tim Kawakami
C) 291 According to Adam Schefter
D) Both A and B
E) Both A and C
F) None of the above

Willie Brown reported that Russell had been working hard and in good shape on Comcast Sports Net, and a couple of weeks later rumors have the Raiders chasing Donovan McNabb or Sage Rosenfels.

Things that make you go, “Hmmmmm”


The Universty of Kentucky featuring my namesake was bounced from the NCAA tournament by West Virginia. St Mary’s had their magic moment last weekend, but were obliterated by Baylor. Congrats to the Gaels for representing the East Bay well.

The game between Xavier and Kansas State was the best basketball game I have ever watched. Not that I watch much basketball. When Xavier was raining threes from near half court nothing but net, I thought they would pull it out.


Happy Easter this coming Sunday to those who celebrate it.


Insightful comment of the week

On the post Oakland Raiders backfield possibilities

Steve Smith Anyone?
written by arj, March 28, 2010
Remember during Allen and Bo’s time we had the great unsung hero Steve Smith! We need a devastating fullback but even the run game will get stopped if the passing attack is nonexistant again! Lets hope the new coordinator knows a thing or two about transforming an offense as opposed to just running an offense that his predecessor left in place. I dont know enough about him but I have high hopes as long as a TRUE open competition for QB is in place


Classic film of the week:


Starring Ralph Macchio, Joe Seneca, and Jamie Gertz

The plot of this film could easily be The Karate Kid the guitar years. Eugne “Lightinin Boy” Martone (Macchio), a young classical guitar prodigy, befriends Willie Brown (Seneca) and older bluesman. Martone breaks Brown out of a high security nursing home on the promise that the older man would teach him the long rumored lost Robert Johnson song. To teach this song, Brown has to take Martone down to the legendary Crossroads.

Despite the thin nature of the plot, this movie works because it is filled with the essence of the blues. The crossroads legend is a part of the folklore surrounding the life of Robert Johnson, who is a major figure in the history of the blues. Whilst he is mentioned, it is his ghost that drives the film. Then there is the score. Ry Cooder’s slide playing ties it all together as a piece of Americana. The climactic guitar battle between Martone and the Devil’s player Jack Butler (Steve Vai) is a guitar masterpiece. (Vai plays both Martone’s and Butler’s guitar parts)


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