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More details on Cable versus Hanson

Somehow, Nancy Gay of AOL Fanhouse sheds some light on the Tom Cable, Randy Hanson grudge match. It isn’t pretty either.

Keep in mind that she is citing the infamous ‘sources’ as her information, but if you read the article and pay attention, it looks as though the source(s) is the attorney that Randy Hanson hired. As far as what the real facts of the case are, it’s safe to hold judgement until BOTH sides of the story are revealed.

According to Gay, Cable was in a defensive meeting with John Marshall, Lionel Washington, Willie Brown, and Hanson. The following is an excerpt from Gay’s story:

Cable called the meeting to address Hanson’s dealings with the defensive backs. “The players are confused by you, Randy,” Cable allegedly told Hanson. He also reportedly told Hanson that he was being relegated to film work and would no longer be allowed to work directly with the defensive backs. “John Marshall says he has talked to you about this,” Cable told Hanson.

According to the Hanson’s statement, he turned to Marshall and said, ‘That’s a lie, John!” and Hanson insisted that Marshall had not previously mentioned anything about a communication problem with the defensive backs.

At that point, Hanson told police he was blindly body slammed by Cable into the wall behind Marshall with such force that he was thrown out of his chair and into a small table next to the wall. The table had a small lamp on it and both were overturned and broken in the scuffle.

According to Hanson’s account, the other coaches in the room began yelling, “Tom, what are you doing?” as Cable put his right hand against Hanson’s face and shoved his left cheek against the wall. Hanson told police he could feel his upper jaw being crushed into the wall.

According to Gay, the other coaches pulled Cable off of Hanson while he was allegedly screaming, “I’m going to kill you!” Apparently, he was saying it over and over like a crazy man.

Since the story came out about Hanson helping the secondary with the game plan after he’d been excommunicated from the Alameda HQ, the defensive backs have strangely not been present when the press has been granted access–at least not when I’ve been there.

Without making any assumptions, we’ll find out soon. Today, two police officers were at Raiders HQ, but they weren’t seen with Cable and it appeared that they were not there for the embattled coach. I couldn’t make out if they were Alameda, Oakland, or Napa PD either.

When it all is resolved, you’ll understand why I’m acting the way I am,” Cable said on Monday during his weekly press conference. “It’s just something I’m not going to talk about and shouldn’t talk about. I’ll let that process do its thing.

We’ll keep you updated when we know more.

Nancy Gay’s story here