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New York Jets at Oakland Raiders – Live game updates

Pregame warmups by NY Jets players

We’re back again, this time we’ll see the New York Jets in their throwback uni’s. Just to be clear, this is not a play-by-play, but instead it’s more my analysis and observations of the game.

I’ll be updating you on some of the things that you couldn’t get from a normal play-by-play in order to give you a more rounded interpretation of what’s happening on the field.

Prior to each entry, you’ll see a time stamp. The time is Pacific Standard Time. In order to see the updates, you’ll have to refresh your browser, so keep a page set to here, find your refresh button, and keep checking back.

12:13 pm

Just got the list of inactives and lineup changes. Here they are:

Oakland Raiders Inactives


  • 3rd QB – Charlie Frye
  • RB – Darren McFadden
  • WR – Chaz Schilens
  • WR – Nick Miller
  • OT – Langston Walker
  • OT – Cornell Green
  • OG – Robert Gallery
  • LB – Ricky Brown


Oakland Raiders Lineup Changes


New York Jets Inactives


  • 3rd QB – Erik Ainge
  • WR – Jericho Cotchery
  • WR – Brad Smith
  • OG – Matt Slauson
  • CB – Lito Sheppard
  • S – James Ihedigbo
  • LB – Marques Murrell


New York Jets Lineup Changes


  • WR David Clowney will start in place of WR Jerricho Cotchery.
  • CB Dwight Lowery will start in place of CB Lito Sheppard.

12:20 pm

Both teams are on the field doing stretches and warming up. Darrius Heyward-Bey needs to have a big day. In six games, he has two catches. Today, it will become a topic of conversation since it took Michael Crabtree three quarters before catching his third pass of the year.

1:00 pm

Just heard the weirdest rendition of the National Anthem. The game is about to start and the stadium isn’t even half full. One of the AP reporters came in about a half hour ago and was telling me that the patented ‘electricity’ in the parking lot wasn’t there either. What has happened to Raider Nation?

1:03 pm

The Raiders won the toss and elected to receive. New York chose to go towards the Dark Side, away from the Black Hole. For those of you that have never been to the coliseum, the Raiders will be going South.

1:06 pm

Holland received the kickoff at the Raiders’ six and returned it to the 18, but Brandon Myers was called for a block in the back. The Raiders will start the game from their own 10.

1:07 pm

First play of the game, and Khalif Barnes gets beat around the edge, lets up a sack, and Russell fumbles at the four. To add insult to injury, Barnes was called for tripping on the play.

1:09 pm

Thomas Jones rushes in for the one-yard touchdown. After the PAT, Jets 7, Raiders 0

1:12 pm

Holland returns the second kickoff to the 19. It seems as if nobody was blocking for him and he tried to run outside, but couldn’t make it to the edge.

Snowyfish asked what happened to the CoverItLive version of our live game blog. We chose to do it this way during blackout games only this season as we try and get more accustomed to our new surroundings.

1:15 pm

The Raiders were able to get to a third and three play, but on a slant pass to Louis Murphy, Russell threw a little behind and the pass was dropped. Arguments could be made that the pass should have been caught, but it was clearly a bad throw also. After the punt by Lechler, the Jets will start from their own 25.

1:20 pm

The Jets had a third and four, but they were able to get the first down on a pass to David Clowney from Mark Sanchez. Clowney was almost stopped prior to reaching the first down marker by Nnamdi Asomugha, but Clowney broke the arm tackle. Clowney, after breaking the tackle fumbled the ball out of bounds. On a running play, the Raiders blitzed and Leon Washington rushed for six yards. Washington was injured on the play and helped off the field.

1:23 pm

The Raiders defense is able to stop the Jets on third and four. The Jets were also called for a hold on the play. The Raiders declined the penalty and after the punt was called for a fair catch, the Raiders will start from their own 14. The defense is playing well so far with Gerard Warren, Tommy Kelly, Richard Seymour, and Greg Ellis all creating  havoc.

1:28 pm

On third and seven, Russell from the shotgun hit Todd Watkins for seven yards on a short out pattern. On the very next play, Russell lasered a pass to DHB for 24 yards. Raiders driving on their own 48.

1:32 pm

Just when you thought things were looking up, the Jets corner blitz around the right side again and Russell, trying to avoid the sack attempted a pass to Tony Stewart. The Jets safety Jim Leonhard stepped in front of the pass and picked it. It would’ve been a pick-six, but Russell tracked him down at about the four. Two plays later, Mark Sanchez took it in on a QB-Keeper and the Jets are now up 14-0.

1:33 pm

After the pick, and after the touchdown, the crowd started booing. They are booing Russell right now, but I’m sure there’s a little of that reserved for the entire team. While the interception is on Russell, you can’t expect the quarterback to block for himself also. Khalif Barnes and Cooper Carlisle have not played well this afternoon. I don’t understand why Barnes is starting over Pears after his performance against the Eagles.

1:35 pm

The Raiders take over at their own 20 and as the offense comes onto the field the sparse crowd boos. There might be 40,000 in the stadium today, but the boos will only get louder if the Raiders don’t score soon. Now there are some chants of, “Russell sucks!”

1:41 pm

Russell hits a wide open Tony Stewart for a first down pass reception, Kerry Rhodes comes over to tackle Stewart and gets sandwiched by Louis Murphy. Both Rhodes and Murphy are injured on the play. When play resumes, Fargas runs twice for 19 yards. The ball is on New York’s 35.

1:42 pm

After getting two first downs on the ground, Russell pulls off a play action fake and then launches a pass into the end zone to Todd Watkins. The pass is a little overthrown for Watkins, but Darrelle Revis is able to come down with it in the end zone for an interception. The boos begin.

1:44 pm

The Raiders defense is able to stop the Jets. The punt unit comes on the field and instead of punting, they catch the Raiders off guard and the punter runs straight up the middle 17 yards for the first down. At the end of that play, the quarter ends with the Jets beating the Raiders 14-0.

First quarter thoughts. Russell hasn’t been good, but his offensive line has been worse. He’s under a great deal of pressure almost every time he drops back to pass. The Raiders defense is looking good, but I don’t know how much more of the poor special teams and offensive play they’ll be able to withstand.

1:50 pm

The Raiders defense holds again. This time the Jets actually do punt and Johnnie Lee Higgins calls for the fair catch at the Raiders’ 10. The crowd makes sure to greet JaMarcus Russell and the offense with boos as they come onto the field.

1:55 pm

Fargas busts through the middle of the line for a 35 yard run. Fargas was bouncing off defenders and fought for an extra 10 yards with two Jets defenders trying to bring him down. DHB just caught his second pass of the game for five yards. He has now doubled his season totals.

Murphy has a concussion and his return to the game is questionable. Russell just ran out of traffic on third and five. He almost held on to the ball too long and then tossed it into open field where it was almost intercepted. Lechler punts it 43 yards into Sam Williams’ arms at the Jets seven, where they will start their next drive.

1:57 pm

They just announced the 49ers loss to the Texans and the crowd cheered.

1:58 pm

On third and five (at the Jets’ 12), the Raiders’ defense couldn’t get lined up right, so Thomas Howard called their first time out of the half.

2:00 pm

Russell still has his helmet on, but Gradkowski is warming up on the sidelines.

2:01 pm

The Jets were able to get the first down after the time out. Currently, they are driving and are at their own 42, with a first down.

2:02 pm

The Jets call a timeout of their own. Forgot to mention earlier that the Jets are wearing their throwback New York Titans uniforms. The Raiders are wearing their black throwbacks, which look the same as their normal jerseys.

2:07 pm

On third and five, Sanchez is crushed while passing the ball. It looks as though the Raiders stopped the Jets, but then a flag is thrown. The flag was thrown late, making it look very fishy. They called defensive holding on Stanford Routt, Cable tried to challenge that the ball had been tipped, but the officials wouldn’t allow the challenge. On the next play, Shonn Greene runs it to the Raiders’ eight yard line. First and goal at the eight for the Jets.

2:11 pm

Shonn Greene runs it right up the middle on first and goal from the eight. It looks as though the late penalty flag has sucked the Raiders’ defense out of the game. The Jets needed only two plays after the penalty to score another touchdown. The Jets are up 21-0 with 5:51 left in the half.

2:13 pm

Bruce Gradkowski replaces Russell. Russell almost went into the game, he still had his helmet on. The crowd roars as the backup comes onto the field. Murphy also comes back and on the first play, Gradkowski throws to him deep down the sideline, but the ball is well defended and Murphy isn’t able to wrestle it in. Incomplete pass.

2:15 pm

Gradkowski isn’t able to solve the offensive woes of the Raiders. On second down, he throws a bad pass to the left flat that falls incomplete and on third down he connects with Zach Miller for seven yards. Lechler comes on and punts it 62 yards with the Jets also called for holding. The Jets will start their drive from their own three yard line.

2:20 pm

The Jets have moved the ball to midfield by running it and also getting a timely roll out pass play to Dustin Keller for 26 yards. Most of the series, both Tommy Kelly and Greg Ellis were on the sidelines. In their place was Matt Shaughnessy and Desmond Bryant. It’s the two-minute warning.

2:27 pm

The Jets go for the field goal with eight seconds left in the half and make it. The score is 24-0 with three seconds remaining in the half.

2:29 pm

The Jets pooch kicked the kickoff and Luke Lawton grabbed it for a return of about 10 yards. The half ends with the Jets up 24-0. The way the half ended, it looks as though things are only going to get worse. For all of you that believe that Gradkowski is the better quarterback for the Raiders, he’ll probably get his chance to show it in the second half.

2:43 pm

The Jets take the kickoff to their own 29 to start the third quarter.

2:46 pm

The Jets weren’t able to pick up a first down. On third down, Sanchez threw to an open receiver, but the pass was off. The Raiders will start their first drive of the half at their own 16 with Gradkowski at QB.

2:50 pm

Gradkowski just showed everyone his best attribute as a QB. With a heavy rush, he was able to avoid two rushers and run up field for a gain of 20 yards. The Raiders are driving and at midfield.

2:56 pm

Gradkowski his hit while his arm is in motion and fumbles the ball. The Jets recover, then fumble it, but the officials rule that the defense had possession before the ball went out of bounds. The Jets, get a run from Thomas Jones for 14 yards and sit at midfield.

3:00 pm

Sanchez just threw a nice ball to Clowney in the end zone for a 35 yard touchdown. Chris Johnson was on the coverage. Looked like he got beat on a double move. Jets 31 – Raiders 0.

3:07 pm

Khalif Barnes just let up, by my count, his third sack of the game. The Raiders couldn’t move the ball and it doesn’t even look like the team wants to be here. I agree with them, I don’t want to be here either. On the bright side, Lechler just boomed another 62 yard punt, forcing the Jets to start their next drive at their own 22.

3:13 pm

The Jets are showing Raider Nation some mercy as they continue to run the ball every play. Unfortunately for Raider Nation, the Jets are moving the ball easily on every run. The third quarter just ended with the Jets winning 31-0. The Jets have a first down and 10 at the Raiders’ 24 when the fourth quarter starts. The Jets have rushed for 222 yards so far.

3:22 pm

Weird series of events leads to a missed field goal by Jay Feely–a 38 yarder. On third down, Sanchez gets crushed by Trevor Scott as he throws. Kirk Morrison comes up with the ball as if he intercepted it and begins to run, Seymour blocks for him and gets called for a personal foul. Ridiculous! The Raiders hold the Jets and on the next third down, Sanchez fumbles as he gets sacked, but recovers it. Feely then misses a field goal that looked like it could have been blocked. First and 10 for the Raiders at their own 28.

3:26 pm

Three plays, three incompletions, and then Lechler comes on to punt the ball 50 yards for a fair catch. The Jets will try and run more clock from their own 20. On two of the pass plays by Gradkowski, he went to Todd Watkins over the middle and both times, it looked like a pass interference could’ve been called. I guess the ref’s are as anxious as I am to get this game over with.

3:33 pm

Shonn Greene runs through something like four tackles and sprints 33 yards for another touchdown. The Jets are up 38-0 with 6:30 left in the game. The offense, the defense, the special teams, all horrible today. What is it about this team that prevents them from being at the very minimum, average?

3:45 pm

The Raiders have driven the field and sit at the Jets’ 20 with a second and 10 play to come. Gradkowski called a timeout when he didn’t like what he saw. The officials have officially stopped calling penalties on the Jets. On first down, Murphy was interfered with a the goal line, but got no call. Murphy pleaded with officials and they acted as though they didn’t see or hear him.

3:52 pm

The Raiders drove all the way to the Jets’ one yard line and with four downs to score, they turn the ball over at the Jets’ three after losing two yards on a Michael Bush run and then DHB dropped a touchdown in the end zone. Gradkowski threw an incompletion to Louis Murphy on fourth down, with Murphy begging the official for a pass interference call that he had no hope of ever getting.

3:54 pm

The Jets bring in a backup quarterback Kellen Clemens and it’s the two-minute warning. With second and five to go, there’s really no hope that the Raiders will do much more in this game. So, that’s all folks! Thanks for checking in and keep checking back for more!