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Pats grab 5th rounder to complete Burgess trade

Alex Marvez of Fox Sports is reporting that the Broncos have acquired defensive end Le Kevin Smith and a 2010 seventh round pick in exchange for the Broncos fifth round pick in 2010.

In the deal that sent the Raiders’ Derrick Burgess to the Patriots, the details of the trade were that the Raiders would get a third round pick and a fifth round pick from the Patriots. But since the Patriots didn’t have a fifth round selection in the 2010 draft, unless they could acquire one, the deal was for a fourth rounder instead.


All of this meant you knew the Patriots were going to acquire a fifth rounder because they would be damned (and they will be) if they would give up a fourth rounder if they didn’t absolutely have to.

This new deal between the Broncos and Patriots completes the Burgess deal. The good news about this is that most likely the Broncos will have a very high fifth round pick in next year’s draft while it is likely the Patriots will have a low fourth round pick. Which means that pick the Raiders will have won’t be that much lower than it would have been if they still had the Pats fourth rounder.

Of all the teams that the Patriots could do business with for a fifth rounder, they picked the right one to give the Raiders a nice pick in that round. Because the Broncos are going to really suck something fierce this season.