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Peyton is a mile high, now where do the Raiders stand?

Peyton Manning is now the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos.

It looks like ‘Tebow Time’ in Denver will now be referred to as the time spent remodeling your crucifix. That Peyton Manning would make the God-awful decision to choose the Broncos over the Niners or the Titans, he must be (mile) high.

The Denver Broncos may as well just burn last year’s game tape, because it’s probably not going to help Peyton Manning play quarterback. John Elway and John Fox have decided to end the era of flimsy balling, and claim that they’re Peyton’s calling.

The Raiders will not have to face Tim Tebow again (at least as a Bronco), and that’s a good thing. They’ll face Manning instead, which shouldn’t exactly be looked at as a bad thing. Raiders have actually fared slightly better against Manning (2-3) than they have against Tebow (1-1), so it just may be a blessing in disguise. After all, Manning is no lock to stay healthy and the Broncos with him are no lock to be a Superbowl team.

They can take all the attention they want up in Denver, and analysts can jump all over them as a favorite, but people should remain skeptic. Many forget that the Raiders took Denver’s D.A., who was the real reason behind Denver’s defensive success and made it possible for Tebow to run go for it. Denver still has about two to four guys they’ll overpay and bring in for Manning, so they can have fun.

Raiders are a different ball club this year defensively and this will help push them to be all they can be if Manning is indeed healthy.

Oh and by the way, Manning’s Broncos will face seven playoff teams from last year.

FUN FACT: In their careers, the Chargers have owned Peyton Manning, and Carson Palmer has owned the Chargers. Something to think about.


-Raiders have re-signed Cooper Carlisle and signed former Texans guard, Mike Brisiel. Good moves here, with the Raiders solidifying the both guard spots for 2012. ESPN’s Bill Williamson says the indications here are that Brisiel will play right guard and Carlisle will play the left.

I hear Brisiel is one tough dude, and that’s good. Maybe he can slap some sense into Bruce Campbell, who’s been terrorizing the bench with an unfueled chainsaw.

-Cornerbacks Ron Bartell and Shawntee Spencer are under-the-radar signings and are solid moves. Both of these guys have plenty of starting experience and are fine replacements for Routt and Johnson. Raiders can go into this with a step-back approach and let them play under one year deals, re-sign one or both after the season. They’ll both have chips on their shoulders, looking for their next payday. You can rest assure that the hits they deliver will be crunchy.

Prediction? I’ll say that Shawntae Spencer mimics what Carlos Rogers did in SF last season, balls out, and re-signs here after the season.


Reggie Mckenzie should really rock the cradle, because this baby needs some attention.

-Hopefully the phones for NT Aubrayo Franklin and LB EJ Henderson will be buzzing soon, because Reggie needs to add some veterans to that front seven. Could always release someone like Tommy Kelly or try to re-sign Branch long term to free up cap room, right?

-And what about WR Jerome Simpson? That athletic, troubled wide receiver who played oh so well with Carson Palmer. Worth a shot? I think so. Sign for minimum, cut for nothing is there’s trouble. No matter what, they’re going to have to add a vet to their receiving/tight end corps. That TE Joel Dreessen from Houston would be a nice addition as well.

There’s still hope that the Raiders will go get some manhandling players. So c’mon Reggie…rock that cradle hard.

With few draft picks, throw a few Benjamin’s at Franklin and Henderson and let’s get this front seven on the right track…because it’s been way, way off course.

–This article is from the twisted mind of Contributor AJ DeMello. For more comedic ramblings check him out on Twitter @Humorousfiend.