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Predicting the second half

Now that the bye week is over, it is time to look ahead to the second half of the season. The first half was a case study in disappointment for the team and its fans. The offense has been horrible. The defense has been wildly inconsistent. The team is 2-6.

Over the bye week, the Raiders should be getting key players back. Coach Tom Cable is confident that many of the offensive problems come from the injuries. The Raiders offensive line regressed once Robert Gallery went down to injury. However, with the output of the offense falling short of the 2006 edition, but does not seem promising.


Chiefs @ Raiders: This game is winnable for the Raiders. The Chiefs are an extremely bad team. The Raiders eked out a win against them in week two, with JaMarcus Russell driving the team down for a late game winning touchdown. This is the last best chance of a game being televised locally, with it being a division match-up.

The last two years, the Raiders and Chiefs split their home and home series with the visitors winning. Raiders win this game in a squeaker. (3-6)

Bengals @ Raiders: The Bungals are no more. The only suspense in this game will be settled a few days before when Chad OchoCinco sends the Raiders their care package. The Bengals are firing on all cylinders. Cedric Benson will be licking his chops at the chance for a 200 yard plus game. (3-7)

Raiders @ Cowboys: The Cowboys have been an inconsistent team, but they should be able to beat the Raiders without much of a problem. The Raiders best chance would be for the Cowboys to lay an egg as they are occasionally prone to do. This will be national TV and their new home. Raiders are toast. (3-8)

Raiders @ Steelers: Not even close. The Raiders will be destroyed in Pittsburgh. (3-9)

Redskins @ Raiders: This is an intriguing match-up between two teams who are both in complete disarray. Both teams have head coaches that are expected to be let go at the end of the season. They both have overbearing owners. They are both suffering through a bad season. Raiders win this battle of disappointments. New attendance low sent (4-9)

Raiders @ Broncos: Broncos are one of the top teams in the league. The Raiders aren’t. Any given Sunday, maybe? Not this time. (4-10)

Raiders @ Browns: This will be one of those games where Deion Sanders will say, “Do we have to?” before NFL Gameday cuts away to the highlights. This is two teams that will be jockeying for position. It will be an ugly game where the fewest mistakes wins. Browns take it at home. (4-11)

Ravens @ Raiders: Doesn’t look like the Ravens will have everything clinched and their starters resting. The Raiders limp into the offseason, this team will have given up. Cable will be working on his resume during the second half. (4-12)