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Q&A With Washington Redskins writer

Recently had a question and answer with Mark Newgent who is the Washington Redskins writer for Examiner.com. The Raiders and Redskins are teams that are currently in a very similar situation. They are once proud franchises that have fallen under hard times. Both teams know the pain of having Norv Turner as their head coach. Without further ado, here is our Q & A:


TFDS: What happened against the Saints last week?

Mark Newgent: Stupid mistakes, poor execution and a bad booth review in overtime. If Shaun Suisham makes that 23 yard field goal the Skins win. If safety LaRon Landry doesn’t bite on a double move under two minutes to go, Skins win, If Kareem Moore sits on his interception of Drew Brees just before the half and isn’t stripped by Robert Meachem they win. Basically Redskins football as defined over the last decade happened.

TFDS: How has Jim Zorn’s removal as play-caller affected the team?

MN: Marginally I think. Zorn still sticks his nose into the playcalling. The offense has started to click and it has more to do with personnel than playcalling. The emergence of receiver Devin Thomas and tight end Fred Davis has given Jason Campbell more options than Santana Moss. Also, the running game has more of a burst without Clinton Portis, who has clearly lost a step or two.

TFDS:  How does the fan base respond to the controversial owner? (Raider
fans know about this)

MN: Google “Burgundy Revolution.” The fans are in full revolt against Dan Snyder and they are protesting inside and outside of games and on the Internet. I’ve chronicled most of it here.

TFDS: What is your take on the Raiders?

MN: My take on the Raiders…I don’t think I’ll ever get past Jack Squirek’s pick six of Joe Theismann in Super Bowl XVIII. Seriously though I look at the Raiders in a similar way I do the Redskins: A team with a storied past in the midst of an era of mediocrity due to bad ownership. From what I can tell, much like the Redskins, the Raiders are playing hard and have not mailed it in for the remainder of the season.

TFDS: Gut check prediction?

MN: Redskins 24, Raiders 21.

Thank you to Mark Newgent of Examiner.com for his insight on the Washington Redskins. Check out his site later tonight for my answers to his questions. You can follow him on Twitter @MarkNewgent.