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Raider fans love pigeon

The Raider Nation picked up a new hero on Sunday. The FOX television team caught footage of a pigeon who flew down the field with the Raiders kickoff team midway through the fourth quarter of their game against the Philadelphia Eagles. The pigeon kept right in sync with the Raiders special teams through the end of the play appearing to stay in his particular gap, then as he moved away from the action it was as if he was taking a contain angle.

The Raider Nation has given the bird the name “War Pigeon” and adopted him as a good luck charm. That clip was also featured on the NFL Network where Deion Sanders analyzed the paly of the pigeon, as well as NBC’s Football Night in America. On Football Night in America, rather than praising the bird for staying in the gap, they chided him for avoiding contact.

If the Raiders had lost the game, War Pigeon would only be an afterthought, but in the joy of an upset victory, it is easy to fix on the bird.

If you haven’t seen it, here is a clip of War Pigeon on Special Teams from NFL Primetime(No word on whether its being called the flapping wing formation…)