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Raider Mini Camp Photos: The Untold Story

In each training camp, there are the stories, and then there are those that may go unnoticed by the untrained eye. It is sometimes a story that can only be told through the eye of the camera. So here are a few pictures that were taken in last week’s minicamp that may just reveal those moments that slipped through the cracks of the “mainstream media.” Be careful though. Because the images you are about to see cannot be unseen. And the commentary you read cannot be unread. Tread lightly my friends.

Condo: “So whatchu guys doin? Just ‘Kickin’ it?”

Swayze: “Seriously, If I had a nickel for everytime someone said that, I wouldn’t need to be a training camp rent-a-leg.”

Seabass: “Hey Condo, my eyes are up here buddy!”

Is this what they mean when they say corners are just receivers who can’t catch? And does that mean DHB will be converting to corner soon? We’ll keep you posted.

Gradkowski ponders what he could be doing without that torn pectoral muscle. I’m sure he is saying “Aww, curses! Of all the bad luck.”

“Son, one day I’ll be gone and all this will be yours.”

“Just spit it out coach.”

In a tragic incident, Shaun Bodiford’s face exploded half way thru practice.


Not sure but I think that unitard is supposed to go on from the feet up, not the other way around.

“Um, Jason? I know you’re new here but I am the left guard, the center is the next guy over. I know we both have long curly locks of hair but trust me, you are reaching between the wrong legs.”

“Ok, whose panties are these? Seriously fellas, this isn’t cool.”

“Hey guys, you ever seen a moose knuckle?”

Hue Jackson puts Jonathan Holland through the rigorous ‘stare at the football while balancing on one leg’ drill. Very intense.

After being teased all day about his Tron pants, Sam Williams takes out his frustrations on a tackling dummy. And he apparently watches too much WWE.

Poppin’ fresh dough! Hoohoo