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Raider Nation invades A’s fan fest

The Raider Nation’s various tailgates united to invade the Oakland A’s fan appreciation day. This was a chance for the Raider Nation and Athletic Supporters to come together and show that Oakland knows how to throw a hell of a tailgate.

For the Raider Nation, any excuse for a tailgate is a good one, and a special event for the fans of the Raiders’ baseball roommates was a perfect one. The green and gold and the Silver and Black came together for a great afternoon of BBQ, booze, and fun.

The Silver and Black and green and gold mixed well, as the Raider Nation and the Athletic Supporters both call Oakland home. There was none of the animosity that is commonly found when one of the cross bay teams come to Oakland, regardless of whether its to face the A’s or Raiders.

The only trouble was when the Oakland PD told Raider Raza to turn off the music, despite the Raider Nation having gotten assurance from the A’s that having a DJ would be no problem.

Overall, the morning and into the afternoon was a great day for Raider fans and A’s fans to hang out together and much on some fabulous barbeque, and enjoy a variety of libations. It was also a chance for the Raider Nation to come together during the long offseason, and get together with their extended Raider family.

The Raider Nation gets a reputation for being a bunch of criminals and thugs, but when the Nation comes together, it is a big family reunion. Sure there is often alcohol imbibed in copious quantities, but no fights broke out, and no problems were caused.

The Raider Nation was treated to a ten year old belting out AC/DC classics karaoke style, which got the house rocking until the OPD intervened. When the DJ shut down, Raider Ran substituted his car stereo. His ride provided backing tracks for rap groups The Curse and the Hazmat Boyz, who had to improvise their performances due to the DJ issue.

A good time was had by all, and the Raider Nation got tuned up for the draft day party at Ricky’s.