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Raider Nation looks to unleash house of horrors on ‘Hawks
Oakland Raiders fans, looking like Halloween holdovers, watch their team lose to the Kansas City Chiefs in Oakland, California on November 15, 2009. The Chiefs defeated the Raiders 16-10. UPI Photo/Mohammad Kheirkhah Photo via Newscom

As if Raider fans needed any more reasons to come out and see these Raiders play than their tremendous win over the Broncos in Denver, the Raiders return home this weekend for the game Raider fans are made for– Halloween.

It is a rare occasion that Halloween should actually fall on a Sunday. One that the NFL seems wise enough to schedule the Raiders for a home game. That eclipse of Holiday and Raider football will happen this weekend when the Raiders play their former AFC West rival Seattle Seahawks in Oakland.

Seahawks fans have some not so fond memories of the many years of Raider domination over them as well as the iconic garb of the passionate and devoted fan base of the Raiders. Those Seahawk fans, as well as fans of other teams in the NFL, often accuse Raider fans of thinking it’s Halloween every day. So in the true spirit of the Raider Nation’s favorite holiday, it is of utmost importance that the Nation show the rest of the sports world that if they thought the Raider Nation treated every Sunday during the NFL season like it was Halloween, they don’t know the half of it.

Sure every fan base has their own versions of costumed characters. They trot out a dude wearing a barrel, or a guy in a fireman helmet, or foam lightning bolts on their heads or wedges of cheese. The Raider fans set out to embody the classic intimidating spirit that the Raiders were founded upon. It also happens to merge perfectly with the spirit of Halloween.

The creativity of the costumes is one that other fans resent. They may not admit it or even realize it, but that resentment stems from a whole lot of jealousy. I mean how much intimidation and creativity can you get from a horse or a chief or an electric current created by the merger of positive and negative particles in the earth’s atmosphere (sorry, that was my inner meteoroligist coming out)?

No other team has more ideas to work with in the costume department than the Raiders. Characters like Skullman, Violator, Darth Raider, Voodoo Man, Shield Head, Raider Claus, and Gorilla Rilla. And a whole host of passionate fans that emulate what the icnonic fans have created.

For now though, Raider fans need to get their tickets, get their costumes, and get out to the Colliseum on Halloween to turn that place into the ultimate house of horrors for the visiting Seahawks. As if just filling up the coliseum wasn’t important enough for any game, Raider fans should damn well own the joint on Halloween.

From the game perspective, the Seahawks have been as inconsistent as the Raiders this season and both are coming off big wins. The Raiders have another chance to get to .500 this week while putting together two wins in a row. No small feat for the Raiders these days as they haven’t accomplished it in 8 years.

If last week is any indication, the Raiders have found their identity. And with a healthy Darren McFadden and Robert Gallery, they can execute their gameplan. This week the Raiders are Freddy Krueger in the nightmares of the Seahawks’ coaches. Then on Sunday they look to cut through the Seahawks team like Jason Vorhees through a camp of teenagers. And you are going to want to be there to witness it.

As always we have plenty of tickets on Dark Side Tickets. Right now they are selling as low as $25 with field level for around $70. So for about the price of a decent haunted house, you can spend 3 plus hours with the greatest and craziest characters in the world– The Raider Nation.

Seriously, can you think of a better way to spend Halloween?.. I didn’t think so.

Get your tickets, get your costume, get a cooler of beer and get ready to have the best Halloween ever.

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